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Thread: The Brooklyn Superbas of Washington Park (1898-1912)

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    1905 Pitcher Harry McIntire
    1905 McIntire.jpg

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    Tuesday, July 11, 1905, Pittsburg 11 - Brooklyn 2

    1905 Brooklyn vs Pittsburg.jpg

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    1902 Brooklyn Superbas
    1B Tom McCreery (left), 2B Tim Flood (center), and LF George "Dumpling" Hildebrand* (right)

    1902 McCreery Flood Hildebrand.jpg

    While in the minor leagues, Hildebrand was involved in the invention of the spitball with pitcher Frank Corridon, and he taught the pitch to future Superba Elmer Stricklett. After his playing career was over, Hildebrand was an umpire in the American League from 1913 to 1934.

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    1904 Opening Day Parade of Players at Washington Park
    1904 Opening Day parade.jpg

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    1907 Portraits of the Brooklyn and New York Players prior to their Opening Day Game
    1907 Opening Day portraits Bro + NY.jpg

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    1907 Formal Portraits of Pitcher Jim Pastorius (left), CF Billy Maloney (center), and Pitcher Harry McIntire (right)
    1907 Pastorius Maloney McIntire formal.jpg

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    July 1907 Greatest Baseball Crowd on Record at Washington Park
    Washington Park 1907 greatest crowd.jpg

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    1909 Brooklyn's Seven Pitching Stars
    Top Row (left to right): Jim Pastorius, Elmer Stricklett, Kaiser Wilhelm, Harry McIntire, and Nap Rucker.
    Bottom: Doc Scanlan
    (Yes, I know that's only six.)
    1909 Brooklyn's Seven Pitching Stars.jpg

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    Four of the Pitchers, the Catching Force and Some of the Leading Fielders of the 1904 Superbas
    Top Row (left to right): Pitchers Ed Poole and Jack Doscher, Outfielder Deacon Van Buren, 2B Charlie Loudenslager, Pitchers Bill Reidy and Oscar Jones.
    Middle Row: SS Charlie Babb (left) and 1B Jack Doyle (right).
    Bottom Row (left to right): Catchers Bill Bergen, Fred Jacklitsch, and Lew Ritter, and LF Jimmy Sheckard.

    1904 Four of the Pitchers, the Catching Force and Some of the Leading Fielders of the 1904 Super.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by RUKen View Post
    1905 Pitcher Harry McIntire
    Based upon these photos, I calculate that Harry's fastball was about 28mph.
    Seriously, great job with all the wonderful posts and please keep them coming!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dude Paskert View Post
    Seriously, great job with all the wonderful posts and please keep them coming!
    Thanks, Dude. I've got two more today:

    1906 Brooklyn Superbas (also added to post #33)
    Top Row (left to right): Tim Jordan (1B), Whitey Alpermann (2B), Jack Doscher (P), Billy Maloney (CF), John Hummell (2B/LF/1B), Jim Pastorius (P), Lew Ritter (C).
    Middle Row (left to right): Emil Batch (LF), Harry McIntire (P), Patsy Donovan (Mgr.), Doc Gessler (1B), Jimmy Casey (3B), Harry Lumley (RF).
    Bottom Row (left to right): Mal Eason (P), Elmer Stricklett (P), John Butler (C), Jack McCarthy (LF).
    1906 NL Brooklyn 2.jpg

    Pitcher Harry McIntire and Catcher John Butler
    1906 McIntire and Butler.jpg

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    1906 Brooklyn CF Billy Maloney

    1906 Bro Maloney.jpg

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    1906 or 1907 Brooklyn RF Harry Lumley

    1906 or 1907 Bro Lumley 2.jpg

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    1909 Brooklyn Pitchers Kaiser Wilhelm (left) and George Bell (right)

    1909 Bro Kaiser Wilhelm.jpg 1909 Bro George Bell.jpg

    1909 Brooklyn Pitchers Doc Scanlan (left) and Elmer Knetzer (right)

    1909 Bro Scanlan.jpg 1909 Bro Elmer Knetzer.jpg

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    1909 Brooklyn Catchers Bill Bergen (left) and Joe Dunn (right)

    1909 Bro Bill Bergen.jpg 1909 Bro Joe Dunn.jpg

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    1909 Brooklyn 2B Whitey Alperman (left) and RF Red Downey (right)

    1909 Bro Alperman.jpg 1909 Bro Red Downey.jpg

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    1909 Brooklyn RF/Mgr. Harry Lumley

    1909 Bro Lumley.jpg 1909 Bro Lumley 3.jpg

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    1910 Brooklyn Manager Bill Dahlen


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    1901 Brooklyn Superbas team composite

    Top Row, L-R: Joe Kelley (1B), Charles Ebbets (President), Ned Hanlon (Mgr.), Tom Daly (2B).
    2nd Row, L-R: Jimmy Sheckard (LF), Willie Keeler (RF), Bill Dahlen (SS), Frank Gatins (3B).
    3rd Row, L-R: Lefty Davis (LF/RF), Tom McCreery (CF), Gene McCann (P), Jim Hughes (P).
    4th Row, L-R: Deacon McGuire (C), Duke Farrell (C).
    Bottom Row, L-R: Bill Kennedy (P), Frank Kitson (P), Doc McJames (P), Bill Donovan (P).

    1901 NL Brooklyn 2.jpg

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    1909 Brooklyn CF Tom Catterson

    1909 Tom Catterson Bro.jpg

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    1903 or 1904 Brooklyn Pitcher Oscar Jones

    1903 or 1904 Oscar Jones.jpg

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    1911 Brooklyn Pitcher Nap Rucker

    1911 Nap Rucker 2.jpg

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    Spring, 1904: The Brooklyn Baseball Club

    Top Row, L-R: Jack Cronin (P), Fred Jacklitsch (1B/2B/C), Bill Reidy (2B), Charlie Loudenslager (2B), Bill Bergen (C), Jack Doyle (1B), Emil Batch (3B), Walters (DNP*), Harry Lumley (RF), Jack Doscher (P), Oscar Jones (P).
    Bottom Row, L-R: Charlie Babb (SS), Lew Ritter (C), Deacon Van Buren (substitute hitter), Jimmy Sheckard (LF), Ed Poole (P), Mike McCormack (3B), Grant Thatcher (P).
    *"Walters" did not play in the major leagues.

    1904 NL Brooklyn 3.jpg

    A clearer, but smaller, print of this had been added as post #94:
    1904 NL Brooklyn 4.jpg
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