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Thread: The Brooklyn Superbas of Washington Park (1898-1912)

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    1911 1B Jake Daubert

    Jake Daubert Gardner photo.jpg

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    1909 3B Ed Lennox tagging out Honus Wagner

    1909 Ed Lennox tagging out Honus Wagner.jpg

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    1910 CF/RF/1B Al Burch
    (See also post #179 for an image of Zack Wheat in the same location)

    1910 Al Burch.jpg

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    RUKen, great job on this thread. Absolutely fascinating - thank you. I can't praise your work enough.

    I have to ask, where are you getting all these photos? Most look too clean to be newspaper photos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toledo Inquisition View Post
    RUKen, great job on this thread. Absolutely fascinating - thank you. I can't praise your work enough. I have to ask, where are you getting all these photos? Most look too clean to be newspaper photos.
    Thanks. Most of the cleanest images are from photos that have appeared on auction sites. The Carl Horner portrait of Bill Dahlen can be found on the Hall of Fame website (or it was, when he was under consideration by the Veterans' Committee).

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    1910 Superbas, ready for the season opener

    Standing (L-R): Tex Erwin (C), Bill Bergen (C), Doc Scanlan (P), Zack Wheat (LF), Otto Miller (C), Kaiser Wilhelm (P), Nap Rucker (P), George Bell (P), Frank Schneiberg (P), Jake Daubert (1B), Tim Jordan (substitute hitter), Ed Lennox (3B), Bill Davidson (CF), Happy Smith (CF/RF).
    Squatting (L-R): Harry Lumley (RF), Tony Smith (SS), Tommy McMillan (SS), John Hummel (2B), Bill Dahlen (Mgr.), Al Burch (CF/RF/1B), Pryor McElveen (3B).

    1910 NL Brooklyn in sweaters.jpg

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    1911 CF Al Burch

    1911 Al Burch throwing.jpg

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    Spalding Guide composite of the 1902 Brooklyn Superbas (formal portraits)

    1902 NL Brooklyn.jpg

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    1902 Catcher Lew Ritter
    Ritter debuted in the major leagues in September of 1902.

    1903 Lou Ritter BSU.jpg

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    Brooklyn Baseball Club's Golden Jubilee, May 12, 1933
    During a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the franchise, the Brooklyn Dodgers invited fifteen baseball old-timers onto the field, all of whom were current Brooklyn residents. Seven of the fifteen had played for Brooklyn in the National League, and one had played for Brooklyn in the National Association. Five of the other seven had played for other major league teams.

    Brooklyn players are highlighted with position and Brooklyn seasons indicated.
    Top Row, L-R: Larry Battam, Joe Wall (C, 1902), Andy Herbst, Lafayette Winham (P, 1902), George "Hack" Simmons, Jimmy Ring, Jocko Fields, Tim Jordan (1B, 1906-1910).
    Bottom Row, L-R: Jack Cusack, Harry Felix, Al Nichols Williams (3B, 1875), Bill Dahlen (SS, 1899-1903; Mgr., 1910-1913), Fred Jacklitsch (C, 1903-1904), Charlie Malay (2B, 1905), Lew Malone (3B, 1917 and 1919).

    1933 May 12 Brooklyn Golden Jubilee.jpg
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    1903 Pitcher Henry Schmidt

    1903 Henry Schmidt.jpg

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    In post #21 I've just replaced the previous image of the Sporting Life composite of the 1903 Brooklyn Superbas with this upgrade (currently available in the Fall 2016 Robert Edwards Auction):

    NL Brooklyn.jpg

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    1909 or 1910 Pitcher George Bell
    1909 or 1910 George Bell.jpg

    1910 1B Jake Daubert

    1910 Jake Daubert.jpg

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    1910 Pitcher Nap Rucker autographed portrait
    Currently available at Hunt Auctions (Premier Live Auction)

    1910 Nap Rucker autographed portrait.jpg

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    1912 Washington Park Cubs vs. Superbas
    This was posted recently in the "Ballparks, Stadiums, and Green Diamonds" forum by alpineinc.

    Washington Park 1912 Cubs vs Superbas.jpg

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    1904 RF Harry Lumley (Carl Horner portrait)

    NL Bro Lumley.jpg

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