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Thread: New photos found

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    New photos found
    I hope this link works for everyone. I'm definitely going to print out the Larry Haney and try to get it autographed.

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    Great find.

    There is something about the Pilots that fascinates me. Much like an 1800's franchise they stayed for a year then moved on.

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    Unfortunately the press box was located on the roof behind home plate which made so much of the photographs impersonal. Nevertheless, any new Seattle Pilot find is a treasure indeed.

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    Now that's a classic baseball look: button-down jersey, belted pants, stirrup cocks, black shoes. Cool!


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    "button-down" stirrup what? Nice pajamas. I bet that flannel stuff kept them warm in the cold, damp Seattle air.

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    Nice, rare, old photos, however, no player identifications were included.

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    Quote Originally Posted by philliesfiend55 View Post
    Nice, rare, old photos, however, no player identifications were included.
    Let's see if I can help you with that. Anybody with a better eye than me (which should be almost everyone), feel free to fill in my "dunno"s or correct me where I'm wrong. Going by the numbering of the slide show slides.

    1. Ray Oyler
    2. Eddie O'Brien
    3. Looks like Joe Schultz and that's definitely Sal Maglie
    4. The same
    5. Dunno. Could be Merritt Ranew
    6. Group shot. Mike Hegan in the front
    7. Group shot. #7 is coach Ron Plaza
    8. Same as #5
    9. Wayne Comer
    10. Wayne Comer
    11. Picture's not big or close-up enough, but I'm guessing Hegan again
    12. Looks like Gus Gil to me (could be Chico Salmon, though)
    13. Same guy as #12, only this one looks more like Chico (but could be Gus Gil)
    14. Looks like (L-R) Ferraro, Hegan, dunno, Crossetti
    15. Same as #14
    16. #7 is Ron Plaza
    17. More exercising
    18. Group. #10 is Haney, #8 is Hegan, #26 is Ranew, #28 is Mike Marshall
    19. John Morris and Joe Schultz
    20. #42 is Skip Lockwood, #4 is Sal Maglie
    21. Larry Haney
    22. Sure looks like Bill Stafford to me
    23. Ray Oyler
    24. Sal Maglie and Skip Lockwood from the front
    25. - 28. Sicks Stadium renovation
    29. Sicks Stadium
    30. National anthem (Pilots v. White Sox, April 69) - probably the home opener
    31. Don Mincher
    32. Ray Oyler is the Pilot
    33. Diego Segui
    34. Diego Segui
    35. I'm guessing Oyler
    36. Oyler
    37. Ray Oyler
    38. Pilots Win! Pilots Win!
    39. Gary Bell
    40. Mincher and Hegan
    41. Dugout. #12 is Tommy Davis
    42. 2 men on first. At that point in the season, #30 should be Freddie Valazquez
    43. Tommy Harper is the Pilot
    44. Dunno, but probably the continuation of #40
    45. Dunno, possibly also Mincher
    46. Oyler
    47. Rollins
    48. Rollins
    49. Davis and Mincher
    50. Oyler
    51. Get yer souvenier Pilots pennant
    52. Fans at Sicks
    53. Proof sheet
    54. Proof sheet

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    #19 is Ray Peters and Bob Lemon

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    on pic #19 that is Ray Peters and Schultz


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