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  • Ricky Bones

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  • Bob Geren

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  • Tom Goodwin

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  • Chip Hale

    4 57.14%
  • Dave Hudgens

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  • Razor Shines

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  • Tim Teufel

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  • Dan Warthen

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  • None of the above

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Thread: Our Mets Hall of Fame - the 21st Coaches election

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    Our Mets Hall of Fame - the 21st Coaches election

    This is the twentieth election for Our Mets Hall of Fame, coaches edition. Last time we elected nobody. The rules of this election are like those of the manager and regular election.

    New coaches:

    Ricky Bones
    Bob Geren
    Tom Goodwin
    Tim Teufel

    Dropped coaches:

    Dave Jauss
    Howard Johnson
    Randy Niemann
    Ken Oberkfell

    Coach			Percentage	High %           Years on ballot
    Chip Hale                 50.00          50.00              1
    Dave Hudgens		  16.67	         16.67              1
    Razor Shines              16.67          16.67              1
    Holdovers dropped:
    Howard Johnson...eligibility expired.
    Last year of eligibility:
    There are some coaches who dropped off the ballot previously that coached for the Mets in 2010 or 2011. These coaches are returning to the ballot because these seasons may have changed your opinion on them in terms of Hall of Fame worthiness. Rules are slightly different for these individuals. 
    Different rules:
    1) They can appear on a maximum of five ballots, including this one, or until their 15th year of eligibility.
    2) They must receive at least 10% of the electorate's support each year to remain on the ballot.
    3) If they have already reached their 15th year of eligibility, they can appear on no more than three ballots, including this one.
    List of Returnees:
    Dan Warthen

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    I went with Chip Hale, who, imho, was the best thirdbase coach the Mets have ever had.
    "And their chances of getting back into this ballgame are growing dimmer by the batter."

    Put it in the books.

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    I had to go with 'none of the above.' While Chip Hale was a great coach, he was with the team for only two years. The longest -tenured coach on the above list, Dan Warthen, hasn't done much to merit election.

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    I'll let Cowtipper be my voice here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cowtipper View Post
    I had to go with 'none of the above.' While Chip Hale was a great coach, he was with the team for only two years. The longest -tenured coach on the above list, Dan Warthen, hasn't done much to merit election.
    I agree with Cowtipper

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    I thought Chip Hale was one of the best Mets third base coaches they ever had as well.I liked the way he knew when to send runners home on sacrifice fly attempts and on singles and doubles.I also liked the way he knew when to take chances
    such as when there are two outs and someone gets a hit or if a weak hitter was up next after a potential sacrifice fly attempt.I remember milladrive and I being at a Mets game and pointing out the good decisions Chip Hale made with the
    runners that was instrumental in helping the Mets win that game.I remember milladrive and I having an appreciation for a
    good Mets third base coach after we went to a game I'll never forget on Tuesday July 22,2008 against the Phillies when
    Luis Aguayo who I think is the worst third base coach the Mets ever had got Endy Chavez thrown out at home twice by
    a mile with no outs.The Mets blew a 3-run lead in the top of the ninth and lost the game.But it shouldn't have come to
    that as if the runners were held up like they should have been Chavez would have scored two more runs.Also,as a result
    the innings would have been prolonged by having one less out each inning and would have given the Mets more scoring
    opportunities that would have potentially been enough to withstand the Phillies comeback.The Phillies did score 6 runs in
    the top of the ninth in this game and the Mets scored 1 in the bottom of the ninth but maybe the strategy and the mindset
    would have been much different with a much bigger lead than a 3 run lead.And in 2008 like 2007 the Mets missed the playoffs by one game.And Chip Hale has shown consistency in this excellence in the two years he was Mets third base coach you only wished that every Mets third base coach would have shown.So that's why I feel Chip Hale deserves to be in
    Our Mets Hall Of Fame as a third base coach.Plus,it's not like his name is MacGillicuddy so I know how to spell his name.(lol).
    "You don't give up any runs,we'll guarantee you
    at least a tie." ~ Grote to Koosman

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    A couple weeks late, but Chip Hale received 57.14% of the vote while everyone else falls off the ballot. Unless anyone objects, I'm not going to run another coaches election this go around.


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