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Thread: Some Top 12U Travel Teams from the Fall Season

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    Some Top 12U Travel Teams from the Fall Season

    Though it does not encompass all the great teams this fall, check out 10 of the top teams from around the country who made a mark this fall season:

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    Matt, don't you think it is fairly worthless to compare youth teams from around the country to one another? What are the credentials for those that rank the teams at Youth1? (If you are "Matthew", the author, what are YOUR baseball credentials?) I am not damning the process, just asking for your thoughts.

    I can tell you the top youth teams in 8U through HS travel ball from my area, and I've heard of HS travel teams from around the country (e.g. East Cobb, Chet's Juice) but it seems that it is mostly apples to oranges for younger age groups.

    If the goal of Youth1 is only to give these teams pub, then please, ignore my post. If the intent is to rank, then please reply.
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