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Even then, the "straddle" would work poorly on a throw from the right field corner, or from the cutoff man who is on or near the right field line.
Yes, I think there would have to be an adjustment for a variety of throws just as an infielder would have to adjust. For example, the 2bman doesn't really straddle on a throw from the left fielder. But the overriding point is why we would we teach the catcher to block or even swipe from the side of the plate if the rule is such that the runner cannot knock over the catcher. I'm just thinking aloud and didn't come up with this stuff until now. Even as I introduced the thread I thought 2 options: block or swipe. But after thinking about the rules, I'm proposing that the catcher tags like any infielder. Unless someone can come up with a good reason to the contrary.