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Thread: December 2012 TTM Successes

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    Received one this week from Andruw Jones. I think I sent this card out about a year or two ago.

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    Al Kaline-1/1 c/o Home with $10 fee, in 9 days. Signed a 1962 Topps Sporting News All Stars in blue sharpie.
    Yankees' payroll: $250 millions
    Marlins' payroll: $50 millions
    Marlins winning The Series: Priceless

    "Visiting Americans love going to Cuban games because with no free agency, no franchise movement and no owners blackmailing cities for new stadiums, it all smacks of 1950's America, ignoring the inconvenient fact that such a fantasyland is only possible in a dictatorship"-S.L. Price

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    Brett Butler - 3/3 via home address in 59 days. (SCAN1) (SCAN2) (SCAN3)
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    Wade Boggs - 1/1 - 17 days (home) [+$10]
    Ian Krol - 1/1 - 51 days (Stockton Ports)
    Ian Gac - 2/2 - 55 days (Mississippi Braves)
    Josh Bowman - 1/1 - 56 days (Stockton Ports)
    Tyler Pill - 1/1 - 62 days (St. Lucie Mets)
    Mike Maddux - 1/1 - 93 days (Texas Rangers)
    Josh Hamilton - 1/1 - 300 days (Texas Rangers Spring Training)
    Danny Tartabull - 2/2 - 122 days (home)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockhound View Post
    Received one this week from Andruw Jones. I think I sent this card out about a year or two ago.
    The mail system at the police station can be quite slow.
    Your Second Base Coach
    Garvey, Lopes, Russell, and Cey started 833 times and the Dodgers went 498-335, for a .598 winning percentage. Thatís equal to a team going 97-65 over a season. On those occasions when at least one of them missed his start, the Dodgers were 306-267-1, which is a .534 clip. That works out to a team going 87-75. So having all four of them added 10 wins to the Dodgers per year.

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