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Thread: Robert Wiggins, former Negro Leaguer, passes away

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    Robert Wiggins, former Negro Leaguer, passes away

    Mr. Wiggins died Nov. 16 at the Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital. He was 79.
    This is a nice piece on him:

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    Thanks, Cowtipper. An interesting story on a forgotten era - the negro Leagues after integration of the majors.
    After the final East-West Negro Lgs. All-star game of August 1953,writers say they could see the Negro Leagues were in trouble because there was not enough enthusiasm to support the continuence of the all-star game for 1954 or beyond since all of the best players were being signed by MLB teams.
    Trivia: on the final East-West all-star game rosters there were only two players who reached the majors (where there had been 7 to 9 players on Negro Lg. all-star rosters in the late 1940s who would eventually reach the majors).
    I won't turn this into a guessing game.- The two were Ernie Banks and Francisco "Pancho" Herrera. both of the Kansas City Monarchs.
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