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Thread: Which four players overall are better?

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    Which four players overall are better?

    The Whitesox
    1. Minnie Minoso
    2. Billy Pierce
    3. Nellie Fox
    4. Luis Aparicio

    The Cubs
    1. Ernie Banks
    2. Billy Williams
    3. Fergie Jenkins
    4. Ron Santo
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    As I hate to say it as a Sox fan, but the Cubs foursome is better. You can look at it in two ways - which group had better careers or which four would you rather have on your team.

    In my own rankings, Aparicio and Fox are in my Hall of Fame, but at the low end. I haven't decided on Pierce and Minoso yet. As to the four Cubs, I have all four ranked above Aparacio and Fox.

    If I had a ball club, I'd take the Cubs. While the Sox would have a great defense, they wouldn't score enough runs to compete with the Cubs team if those were the four best players on each team.


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