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Thread: Tribute to chet laabs

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    Tribute to chet laabs

    This is for Chet, without whom on October 1, 1944 we most likely wouldn't have that pennant to talk about.

    Artifacts are: Laabs 1942 home jersey, Laabs rookie bat from 1938, Milwaukee Sentinal, October 2, 1944, Browns home cap 1942-45, store glove endorsed by Laabs from the '40s.

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    Cool. I have a Denkert G-51 Chet Laabs glove in my collection.

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    The glove shown is made by Gamble's, not the same quality glove as your Denkert. I got it for the nice stamped name and replica signature. In the Bushing Guide for Vintage Baseball Gloves the Laabs gloves are rated only as common, which is probably right because I've seen several over the years. Naturally, I'd prefer a game-used glove by the player but they are very difficult to find and tricky to substantiate without ironclad provenance. They are much harder to find for instance than jerseys or bats. Of course I'm talking about MLB game-used by a specific player before the 1960's. I'm not interested in the more recent ones.

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    laabs HR.jpg
    Chet Laabs (R) is scoring on his second home run of the game against the Yankees on October 1, 1944, which insured the Browns the AL Pennant on the last day of the season. Mike Kreevich (L) who scored on the homer extends a congratulatory hand, and a grinning Vern Stephens, next at bat for the Browns, comes to the plate for the fun. Stephens homered on this at bat as well, giving the Browns an insurance run. Batboy Bob Scanlon (numberless jersey) is also in the picture, obscuring Yankee catcher Garbark. What Scanlon is holding is undoubtedly the bat Laabs used for both home runs. Would I love to have that!

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    It's been almost 30 years since Chet Laabs left this mortal coil...

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    PENNANT JOY.jpgHere is a news photo from my scrapbook of almost 70 years ago showing the Browns' dugout a moment after Laabs hit his second HR of the day.

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    More celebrations in the clubhouse as Chet is hoisted by Tex Shirley (L) and Denny Galehouse, with Vern Stephens (L) and Al Zarilla weeping for joy.chet hoisted.jpeg

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    Next day at the ballpark; Chet takes a few cuts in BP as Gutteridge, Stephens and McQuinn look on.
    The Series with the Cardinals will begin the next day, as evidenced by the red, white and blue bunting draped over the box seats' fence in the background.
    laabs bp.jpgusn.jpegcopy usn.jpeg
    Chet with Sig Jakucki
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    APpress.jpegScan 1.jpegOriginal AP Press Photo with a different angle of Chet's big moment.


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