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Thread: Boyd Bartley, former Dodgers player, passes away

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    Boyd Bartley, former Dodgers player, passes away

    The roster of the former Kansas-Oklahoma-Missouri baseball league has bid good-bye to another legend.

    And, the Ghost of Bartlesville Oilers/Pirates Baseball Past is saluting one of the greatest — and classiest — rivals it ever ran up against.

    Like so many of his generation, Boyd Owen Bartley saw his hopes of Major League greatness evaporate in the smoke and blood of World War II.

    Yet — like the fictional “Moonbeam” Graham in the movie “Field of Dreams” — Bartley did live his dream.

    If only for nine days and nine games.

    But, also like Graham, Bartley harvested a rich life, which included being married to the same spouse for nearly seven decades.

    According to Kansas-Oklahoma-Missouri baseball league historian John Hall, Bartley passed away Friday. He was 92.
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    He sure harvested a rich life being married to the same spouse for nearly seven decades. Last year we lost joyce, a season ticket holder in the Top Deck section 103 at Dodger Stadium. Carl and Terry had been married 62 1/2 years when she passed away. They celebrated their 62th year at Dodger Stadium. You can see a picture of them celebrating here


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