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Thread: First woman MLB player - when?

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    I think the idea of a woman professional baseball player who honestly has the talent to compete amongst the best male players in the world is not only physically impossible, but ridiculous. Let's get past all the societal brainwashing shoved down our throats by the liberal media that women are the same as men and capable of doing whatever men can do. There are obvious differences in the sexes, despite what the controlled media would have you believe. The destructive filth pumped out 24-7 by the heavily controlled and heavily liberal media has given many of us the idea that we should disregard the natural, healthy roles of men and women as complimentary partners, and instead become competitors.This is why there has been such an influx of single parents and divorces in the past 50 years.

    At the same time, I have nothing against girls who compete against boys in youth baseball, particularly in cases like my sister and several other girls I grew up with because there was no softball team for her to play on in our league when she was younger, they only had a 13-15 year old softball division. This helped her a lot when she was old enough to play against the girls. Why? Because she was playing against BETTER players than she would have had they offered younger age divisions. But are there actually people who are fooling themselves into thinking there will be women who are physically able to compete professionally on the same level as guys like Mike Trout and Justin Verlander? Admit it..we went from being a masculine, prosperous nation into an emasculated, deeply indebted cess pool and that same line of thinking that women can compete professionally with men in baseball that got America where we are today as which is further down the toilet than the majority of people could begin to comprehend.

    If there is a woman who is good enough to compete with men in professional baseball and if she is honestly better than the other candidates for the job, I'm all for it. But due to the emasculated nature of this country it won't surprise me if they affirmative action a woman into pro baseball as a great number have been affirmative actioned up the corporate ranks while leaving their children to be raised by TV and babysitters. I mean there are actually policies in place that discriminate against males for hiring because females 'have' to make as much or more than males, it's only fair..regardless if the earnings are merited. It wouldn't surprise me if sports got to that point too.

    Now I'll sit back and watch all the betas tell me what a sexist pig I am..HAHAHAHAHA

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    John, while I agree with you on most (not all) of your points, this isn't the place for political/religious rants.

    My only question as I've asked it 100 times... what about a knuckleball could a female NOT do. Among true knuckleball pitchers, the consensus is that women can do it. And I know several pro KB pitchers.

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    that is a stupid discussion.

    nobody is asking when the first woman will win the first mens wimbledon title or will play the first mens soccer world championship. There are separate leagues for women and men in nearly every sport (even in non sports like golf, billard or darts which don't require athleticism). men are just a lot stronger than woman. you don't need to be a great athlete to play in the MLB but you need to be strong and powerful. Women are strong too but there is just a 10-15% strength gap that cannot be overcome.

    And that is not sexist, just a biological reality. this does not just apply to men and women. nobody would ask a middleweight boxer to beat a heavyweight. Wladimir Klitschko or Lennox lewis would brutally KO peak roy jones or sugar ray leonard but that doesn't mean they are better boxers than the latter two just like a male athlete is not better than a womans world champion even if he performs better. there is just a physiological difference that makes men and women not comparable just like middleweight boxers are not comparable to heavyweight boxers.
    I think walks are overrated unless you can run. If you get a walk and put the pitcher in a stretch, that helps, but the guy who walks and cant run, most of the time hes clogging up the bases for somebody who can run. Dusty Baker.

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    Throwing a knuckler at 60mph is fine, but what made Neikro (and other knucklers) good, is when a batter is expecting a floater, all he has to do is throw a "puny" 80 mph "fastball" down the throat.
    The batter doesn't expect that, and whiffs.

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    80mph isn't unheard of at all for a woman. BTW... Wakefield's fastball was low 70's.

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    I ran a women's baseball league for a few years. A couple of them were decent, but none of them were even good enough to play in the best men's ameteur leagues around here. There was one pitcher who had played high school baseball against the boys in Maryland and she dominated the league. She was throwing about 75 MPH and the other players could not get around on her fastball.

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    If a player has the talent, I am all for it. And I do think there are women out there capable. Baseball is one team sport I especially think women and men would be pretty equal in because of the minimal contact. I would be interested in seeing how far a female at that level and talent would be able to hit the ball. A softball is a bit heavier to hit, but the field isn't as deep, so I would like to see the difference when hitting a baseball in a baseball field's size.

    I am completely all for it, but unfortunately I don't think the majority of the men in the US would be ok with having women as part of the game (which is sad).

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