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Thread: Bluebirds, Bronchos, and Naps: Cleveland Baseball 1901-1914 Photo Thread

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    1911 Cleveland Naps in spring training

    Catcher-RF Ted Easterly
    1911 Ted Easterly RFC.jpg

    Catchers Grover Land (left) and Jack Adams (right)

    1911 Grover Land C.jpg 1911 Jack Adams C.jpg

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    1911 Cleveland Naps in spring training

    Manager Deacon McGuire (left) and Scout/Coach Bob Gilks (right)

    1911 Deacon McGuire Mgr.jpg 1911 Bob Gilks scout.jpg

    Gilks had played for the Cleveland team of the American Association and National League 1887-1890 as a left fielder, pitcher, and infielder.
    Deacon McGuire was a teammate of Gilks' on the 1888 team as a catcher.

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    1903 Nap Lajoie with bat
    This is a better copy of a an edited photo that was posted in #73 in this thread.

    1903 Lajoie with bat.jpg

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    1909 Pitcher Cy Young

    1909 Pitcher Cy Young.jpg

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    Nap Lajoie, 1903
    I had previously posted this (#76) with a date of 1905, because that was the date of the newspaper that I had found it in. I've just found the same picture in The Chicago Tribune of March 8, 1903, with a caption explaining that Lajoie was recovering from pleurisy. I had thought that he was smoking a pipe, but in this picture it is clear that it is either a water pipe (a hookah) or more likely oxygen therapy.

    1903 Lajoie recovering.jpg

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    1907 Pitcher Bill Bernhard

    1907 Bernhard.jpg

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    1910 Catcher Bert Adams

    1910 Bert Adams.jpg

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    1910 1B George Stovall (left) and SS Roger Peckinpaugh (right)

    1910 George Stovall.jpg 1910 Roger Peckinpaugh.jpg

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    1911 Pitcher Big Bill James

    1911 Bill James.jpg

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    1911 Pitcher Cy Young

    1911 Cy Young batting.jpg

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    1912 3B Harvey Grubb

    Grubb appeared in just one major league game, on September 27, 1912. He made one putout at third base and he had one plate appearance--he was hit by a pitch.

    1912 Harvey Grubb.jpg

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    1913 Pinch Hitter Johnny Beall

    Beall was 1-for-6 for Cleveland before being selected off waivers by the Chicago White Sox in June, 1913.

    1913 Johnny Beall.jpg

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