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Thread: Bluebirds, Bronchos, and Naps: Cleveland Baseball 1901-1914 Photo Thread

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    1911 Cleveland Naps in spring training

    Catcher-RF Ted Easterly
    1911 Ted Easterly RFC.jpg

    Catchers Grover Land (left) and Jack Adams (right)

    1911 Grover Land C.jpg 1911 Jack Adams C.jpg

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    1911 Cleveland Naps in spring training

    Manager Deacon McGuire (left) and Scout/Coach Bob Gilks (right)

    1911 Deacon McGuire Mgr.jpg 1911 Bob Gilks scout.jpg

    Gilks had played for the Cleveland team of the American Association and National League 1887-1890 as a left fielder, pitcher, and infielder.
    Deacon McGuire was a teammate of Gilks' on the 1888 team as a catcher.

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    1903 Nap Lajoie with bat
    This is a better copy of a an edited photo that was posted in #73 in this thread.

    1903 Lajoie with bat.jpg

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    1909 Pitcher Cy Young

    1909 Pitcher Cy Young.jpg

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    Nap Lajoie, 1903
    I had previously posted this (#76) with a date of 1905, because that was the date of the newspaper that I had found it in. I've just found the same picture in The Chicago Tribune of March 8, 1903, with a caption explaining that Lajoie was recovering from pleurisy. I had thought that he was smoking a pipe, but in this picture it is clear that it is either a water pipe (a hookah) or more likely oxygen therapy.

    1903 Lajoie recovering.jpg

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    1907 Pitcher Bill Bernhard

    1907 Bernhard.jpg

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    1910 Catcher Bert Adams

    1910 Bert Adams.jpg

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    1910 1B George Stovall (left) and SS Roger Peckinpaugh (right)

    1910 George Stovall.jpg 1910 Roger Peckinpaugh.jpg

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    1911 Pitcher Big Bill James

    1911 Bill James.jpg

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    1911 Pitcher Cy Young

    1911 Cy Young batting.jpg

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    1912 3B Harvey Grubb

    Grubb appeared in just one major league game, on September 27, 1912. He made one putout at third base and he had one plate appearance--he was hit by a pitch.

    1912 Harvey Grubb.jpg

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    1913 Pinch Hitter Johnny Beall

    Beall was 1-for-6 for Cleveland before being selected off waivers by the Chicago White Sox in June, 1913.

    1913 Johnny Beall.jpg

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    1909 Catcher Grover Land

    1909 Grover Land.jpg

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    1908 Pitcher Charlie Chech

    1908 Charlie Chech.jpg

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    1912 Outfielder Joe Jackson

    1912 Joe Jackson sitting.jpg

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    1912 Catcher Paddy Livingston

    1912 Paddy Livingston 2.jpg

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    1914 Pitcher Harley Dillinger

    1914 Harley Dillinger.jpg

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    1904 RF Claude Rossman

    1904 Claude Rossman.jpg

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    1909 SS Dolly Stark

    1909 Dolly Stark.jpg

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    1913 Catcher Johnny Bassler

    1913 Johnny Bassler.jpg

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    1914 1B Nap Lajoie

    1914 Lajoie at 1B_Page_1.jpg

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    1912 Catcher Steve O'Neill, Charles Conlon photo

    1912 Steve ONeill C.jpg

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    Addie Joss, probably 1902

    1902 Joss 2.jpg

    The 1901 Bronchos had home and away uniforms with "CLEVELAND" on the chest, according to the "Dressed to the Nines" uniform database of the Baseball Hall of Fame, but Joss wasn't with the team that season. From 1902 (his rookie season) through 1904, the team had home uniforms with just a "C" or no letter at all, and dark blue road uniforms with "CLEVELAND". From 1905 through the end of Joss's career, the home uniforms had a "C" on the chest, but the road uniforms had "CLEVELAND". However, the 1905, 1906, and 1908 road uniforms had blue collars. The collars on the 1907, 1909, and 1910 road uniforms were not blue, but the size of the letters on the 1907 uniforms was somewhat larger than on the uniform that Joss is wearing in this photo, and the style of the letters differed on the 1909 and 1910 uniforms. Also, Joss appears to be young in this image, so I conclude that this portrait was taken during spring training of 1902, and that Joss had been given a 1901 uniform to wear in advance of the 1902 uniforms becoming available to the team on Opening Day of that year.
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