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Thread: 1891-1899 Washington Senators

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    1891-1899 Washington Senators

    The Senators of the 1890's played their first season in the American Association in 1891, finishing last in a 9-team league. The AA merged with the National League prior to the 1892 season, and Washington was one of four teams from the 1891 AA that continued to play in the enlarged NL. (Several other teams had previously moved from the AA to the NL.) The Senators had a losing record each year, with their best finish in 1897 at 61-71 for 6th place. After the 1899 season, they were eliminated from the National League as the NL contracted from 12 to 8 teams.

    I've established this thread to post photos and newspaper portraits (line drawings) of the 1890's Senators.

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    1894 Washington Senators, 45-87, .341, 11th place out of 12, 46 GB, managed by Gus Schmelz

    Top Row, L-R: Charlie Petty (P), Sam Wise (DNP*), Joe Mulvey (DNP*), Bill Hassamaer (RF/3B), W. Black (DNP*), Duke Esper (P), Ed Cartwright (1B), Bill Joyce (3B).
    Middle Row, L-R: George Tebeau (CF), Ben Stephens (P), Deacon McGuire (C), Gus Schmelz (Mgr.), Otis Stocksdale (P), Joe Sullivan (2B/SS), Piggy Ward (2B).
    Bottom Row, L-R: Kip Selbach (LF), Jack Egan (P), Jack McMahon (DNP*), Paul Radford (SS/2B/OF), Dan Dugdale (C), Win Mercer (P).
    *DNP=Did not play for Washington in 1894

    1894 NL Washington Dto7.jpg

    This team photo was previously posted to Baseball Fever by Dto7.
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    1894 Senators C Dan Dugdale (left) and LF Kip Selbach (right)

    1894 C Dan Dugdale.jpg1894 LF Kip Selbach.jpg

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    1895 Washington Senators, 43-85, .336, 10th place out of 12, 43 GB, managed by Gus Schmelz

    Top Row, L-R: Varney Anderson (P), Win Mercer (P), Al Krumm (DNP*), Bill Hassamaer (RF), Al Maul (P), Bill Joyce (3B), Deacon McGuire (C).
    Middle Row, L-R: Charlie Abbey (CF/RF), Jake Boyd (RF/P), Jack Crooks (2B), Gus Schmelz (Mgr.), Ed Cartwright (1B), Otis Stocksdale (P), Parson Nicholson (SS).
    Bottom Row, L-R: Collins (DNP*), Kip Selbach (LF/CF), Dan Mahoney (C/1B), John Malarkey (P), Dan Coogan (SS).
    *DNP=Did not play for Washington in 1895

    1895 NL Washington.png
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    1895 Washington Senators formal portrait

    Top Row, L-R: Jake Boyd (RF/P), Al Krumm (DNP*), Dan Mahoney (C/1B), Charlie Abbey (CF/RF), Deacon McGuire (C).
    Middle Row, L-R: Jack Crooks (2B), Gus Schmelz (Mgr.), Ed Cartwright (1B), Dan Coogan (SS).
    Bottom Row, L-R: Al Maul (P), Bill Hassamaer (RF).
    *DNP=Did not play for Washington in 1895
    Did Gus Schmelz really shave his beard in 1895? This photo may be something other that it is labeled...
    1895 NL Washington formal.jpg
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    1895 Washington Senators Sporting Life composite

    Top Row, L-R: Charlie Abbey (CF/RF), Ed Cartwright (1B), Varney Anderson (P), Kip Selbach (LF/CF), Al Maul (P).
    Second Row, L-R: Win Mercer (P), Dan Mahoney (C/1B), Collins (DNP*), John Malarkey (P), Jack Crooks (2B).
    Third Row, L-R: Dan Coogan (SS), Gus Schmelz (Mgr.), Bill Hassamaer (RF).
    Bottom Row, L-R: Otis Stocksdale (P), Al Krumm (DNP*), Bill Joyce (3B), Deacon McGuire (C), Jake Boyd (RF/P).
    *DNP=Did not play for Washington in 1895.

    1895 NL Washington SL.jpg
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    1895 Senators 3B Bill Joyce (left), CF Charlie Abbey (center), and RF Bill Hassamaer (right)

    1895 3B Bill Joyce.jpg1895 CF Charlie Abbey.jpg1895 Bill Hassamaer.jpg
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    1897 Washington Senators, 61-71, .462, 6th place out of 12, 32 GB, managed by Gus Schmelz and Tom Brown

    Top Row, L-R: Charlie Reilly (3B), Ed Cartwright (1B), Doc McJames (P), Al Maul (P), Cy Swaim (P), Duke Farrell (C), Ashe (DNP*), Tom Brown (CF/Mgr.), Les German (IF).
    Middle Row, L-R: Kimble (DNP*), Deacon McGuire (C), Gus Schmelz (Mgr.), Win Mercer (P), Billy Lush (DNP*), Effie Norton (P/LF).
    Bottom Row, L-R: Gene DeMontreville (SS), John O'Brien (2B), Kip Selbach (LF), Charlie Abbey (RF), Zeke Wrigley (OF/SS/3B).
    *DNP=Did not play for Washington in 1897

    1897 NL Washington.jpg

    1897 Washington Senators caricature

    1897 NL Washington caricature.jpg

    1) P Win Mercer 2) C Deacon McGuire 3) 1B Ed Cartwright 4) 2B John O'Brien 5) SS Gene DeMontreville 6) 3B Charlie Reilly
    7) LF Kip Selbach 8) CF Tom Brown 9) RF Billy Lush 10) P Cy Swaim 11) P Doc Mc James 12) Manager Gus Schmelz
    13) Infielder Les German 14) P Silver King 15) RF Charlie Abbey 16) C Duke Farrell 17) P Al Maul 18) Outfielder Effie Norton
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    1897 Senators P Win Mercer (Sporting Life)

    1897 P Win Mercer.jpg

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    1898 Senators 1B Jack Doyle

    1898 1B Jack Doyle.jpg
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    1898 Senators 3B Judson Smith (Sporting Life)

    1898 3B Judson Smith.jpg

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    1898 Senators C Deacon McGuire (Sporting Life)

    1898 C Deacon McGuire.jpg
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    1898 Senators LF Kip Selbach (Sporting Life)

    1898 LF Kip Selbach.jpg

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    1899 Senators CF Jimmy Slagle (Sporting Life)

    1899 1 CF Jimmy Slagle SL.jpg

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    1899 Washington Times portraits of the Senators

    Many of the players featured in this early-season edition of the Times did not stick with the club for very long. I've enlarged the portraits in the following posts.

    1899 1 NL Washington.jpg

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    1899 Senators 3B Doc Casey (left) and C Duke Farrell (right)

    1899 3B Doc Casey traded to Bro Apr 25.jpg1899 C Duke Farrell traded to Bro Apr 25.jpg

    Both of these players were traded to Brooklyn on April 25th.

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    1899 Senators 1B Harry Davis (left), OF Jake Gettman (center), and SS Billy Hulen (right)

    1899 1B Harry Davis 18g.jpg1899 LFCF Jake Gettman 19g.jpg1899 SS Billy Hulen 19g.jpg

    Each of these men played fewer than 20 games for the Senators in 1899.

    Harry Davis later had a successful career with the Philadelphia Athletics and led the American League in home runs each year from 1904 through 1907.

    Billy Hulen was a lefthanded shortstop who had previously played 88 games for the Phillies in 1896. His final game for Washington was May 12th, after which he disappeared from the major leagues.
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    1899 Senators P Ed Dunkle (left) and Frank Killen (right)

    1899 P Ed Dunkle 4g.jpg1899 P Frank Killen 2g.jpg

    These players pitched just 4 games and 2 games, respectively, for the Senators in 1899.

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    1899 Senators P Billy Dinneen (left) and Kirtley Baker (right)

    1899 P Billy Dinneen.jpg1899 P Kirtley Baker 12g.jpg

    Bill Dinneen later became the pitching star of the 1903 World Series for the Boston Americans.

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    1899 Senators 2B/SS Dick Padden

    1899 2BSS Dick Padden.jpg

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    1899 Senators Outfielders (left-right): LF Jack O'Brien, CF Jimmy Slagle, and RF Buck Freeman

    1899 LF Jack O'Brien.jpg1899 CF Jimmy Slagle.jpg1899 RF Buck Freeman.jpg

    Buck Freeman hit an astonishing 25 home runs that season, a total that was not exceeded until Babe Ruth hit 29 in 1919 with a cork-centered ball.
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    That's all I've found to date. For a team that played in the nation's capital, there are surprisingly few photos available. If anyone has additional photos from the C.M. Bell studio session in 1894, or team photos from the Spalding or Reach guides of the late 1890's, you are welcome to post them here.

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    This is great work! I've read Shirley Povich's history, and remember that the 1890s teams were pretty poor...which would explain why there are so few pictures.

    However, the page from the Washington Times is a AAA+ winner, just for the advertisements from Hechts. Incidentally, in the early '50s, the Post bought the Times-Herald, becoming, for a few years, "The Washington Post Times-Herald".

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    I've just added a team photo of the 1897 Senators to post #8 in this thread.

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    1894 Senators' 2B/SS Tim O'Rourke

    1894 2BSS Tim O'Rourke.jpg

    I have also added, to post #7, a cabinet photo of outfielder Bill Hassamaer.
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