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Thread: 1891-1899 Washington Senators

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    Dummy Hoy, early 1890's cabinet photo

    1892 Dummy Hoy.jpg

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    1919, Side-by-Side photos of Buck Freeman and Babe Ruth

    Publicity photos taken when Ruth surpassed Freeman's record of 25 home runs in a season, set in 1899 with the Senators.

    1919 Buck Freeman and Babe Ruth.jpg

    (Ned Williamson's 27 home runs in 1884 were disregarded because he was aided by an exceptionally short fence and the removal of ground rules that had previously made many over-the-fence hits count as doubles.)

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    1892 Washington Senators article with player portraits

    1892 NL Washington.jpg

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    Outfielder Kip Selbach in 1951
    1951 Kip Selbach.jpg

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    Win Mercer Caprice, a song composed in honor of the Senators' popular young pitcher

    Win Mercer Caprice.jpg

    From the SABR biography: Only nineteen when he arrived in Washington, young and handsome with piercing dark eyes, and an outgoing personality, fans found him easy to like. According to sportswriter Fred Lieb, "Mercer was one of the most handsome players in the game". Women, especially, liked him, and Mercer "loved the ladies". The team's owners liked to pitch Mercer on Tuesdays and Fridays, days designated as Ladies Days, because he attracted a crowd. An 1897 Ladies Day game ended in shambles when women rioted after Umpire Bill Carpenter ejected Mercer. As they described the incident: "an army of angry females poured out of the stands. They surrounded Carpenter, shoved him to the ground and ripped his clothing…. Finally police brought the situation under control".
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    Kip Selbach, dressed in the 1895 'W' sweater and cap, in a cabinet photo from the C.M. Bell studio

    Kip Selbach.jpg

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    Charlie Reilly, 1897 3B, wearing his Washington uniform in 1900 (edited from a group photo of the Denver Bears)

    1897 Charlie Reilly (1900 photo).png

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