For any AAGPBL fans on here, I've recently finished researching and creating a 1945 AAGPBL season for the excellent (and inexpensive!) computer baseball simulation, Digital Diamond Baseball. The season uses the as-played 1944 schedule and includes decent transaction information thanks to some new information available in Sargent & Gorman's interesting recent volume on the South Bend Blue Sox. For anyone wanting a taste of some simulation results, here you go; I would post way more stats than just these standings, but I can't seem to get formatting to work properly in this forum, so to learn more you'll need to investigate on your own!

**AAGPBL 1945 - AAGPBL**
Year Team............W L...PCT GB
1945 Rockford ......77 41 .653 -
1945 Fort Wayne.....70 48 .593 7.0
1945 South Bend.....57 61 .483 20.0
1945 Grand Rapids...55 63 .466 22.0
1945 Racine ........50 68 .424 27.0
1945 Kenosha .......45 73 .381 32.0

In this particular sim, the recently departed Pepper Paire (Davis) stole 41 bases (only good for 5th on the Fort Wayne Daisies) and struck out only 10 times in 411 at-bats, but she led the team in errors with 38. This helps us understand the decision to move her from shortstop to catcher the following year, and she became one of the most respected catchers in the league in subsequent seasons. RIP Pepper.