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Thread: My first ever MLB autographs

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    My first ever MLB autographs

    Curtis Granderson (NYY) and Chris Dickerson (BALT. ORIOLES) yesterday signed my first ever MLB basebalautographs during the European Big League Tour 2013 in Rotterdam (Holland).autograph chris dickerson 1 001.jpgautograph chris dickerson 2 001.jpgautograph chris dickerson 3 001.jpgautograph chris dickerson 4 001.jpgautograph curtis granderson 1 001.jpg
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    *Chris Dickerson.
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    In the summer of 1973, the Giants visited the Pirates and my dad scheduled our trip so that I could spend some time in the lobby of the hotel where the Giants were staying in order to get some autographs, because I had just become interested in that. On one sheet of paper, I have Juan Marichal, Claude Osteen, Dave Kingman, Chris Speier, Gary Thomasson, Bobby Bonds, and several others.

    That day and game that evening was beyond cool.
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    My very first MLB autograph was Juan Berenguer. I got an Upper Deck card signed by him in 1992 at a Braves/Astros game. That got me hooked. Some of my best in-person autographs after that were Tom Glavine, John Smoltz, Fred McGriff, Will Clark, and an honorable mention to Harry Caray.
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    My first MLB autograph was from Sam McDowell. I think it was in 1968-69. He was sitting in the stands at Municipal Stadium (you don't see that anymore) charting pitches as he had pitched the day before. My dad spotted him and told me to go ask for his autograph. I was terrified and I had nothing for him to sign, so the old man gave me a couple of bucks and I got an Indians Yearbook for the autograph. I went down between innings and got the signature. He was wearing shades and seemed grumpy. Years later when his alcohol issues became public, I understood why.


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