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Thread: 1914 Miracle Braves Photo Thread

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    1914 Spring Trng camp, Macon,


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    "The Big Three" of the Boston Braves pitching staff
    Left to right: Dick Rudolph, Bill James, and Lefty Tyler
    Photo display from the 1914 Boston World Series program

    1914 NL Bos pitchers.jpg

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    I've just added to post #44 this newspaper photo of Dolf Luque that was posted on another board by Dto7:

    Luque in uniform.jpg

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    Pitcher Dick Rudolph (apparently photographed during the same warm-up as seen in two of the photos in post #31)

    Dick Rudolph.jpg

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    Outfielder Ted Cather in the Braves' home uniform

    Cather home uniform.jpg

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    World Series Game 2 at Shibe Park
    Left to right: Billy Martin, Dick Rudolph, Johnny Evers, George Stallings, and Fred Mitchell.

    WS Game 2 Martin Rudolph Evers Stallings Mitchell.jpg

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    Portrait of Butch Schmidt, 1B

    Butch Schmidt.jpg

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    Photos taken by Charles Conlon have just been added to post #10 (Ted Cather, bottom picture) and post #39 (Paul Strand, bottom two pictures).

    Thumbnails are shown below (Cather on the left, Strand center and right):

    1914 Bos Cather batting - Copy.jpg 1914 Bos Strand 2 - Copy.jpg 1914 Bos Stand 1 - Copy.jpg
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    Charles Conlon portrait of Pitcher Bill James

    James Conlon.jpg

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    Charles Conlon photos:

    Charlie Deal, 3B
    Deal Conlon.jpg

    Bert Whaling, Catcher
    Whaling Conlon.jpg

    Dick Rudolph, Pitcher
    Rudolph Conlon.jpg

    Fred Mitchell, Coach

    Mitchell Conlon maybe 1913.jpg

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    Johnny Evers and Hub Perdue

    Evers and Perdue.jpg

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    April 10, 1914 - preseason game in Washington vs. the Senators
    Johnny Evers argues with Clark Griffith about ball/strike calls by "umpire" Eddie Ainsmith (Washington catcher).
    Hank Gowdy is to Evers' right.

    Evers Gowdy Griffith April 10 1914.jpg

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    Evers and Rabbit.jpg Johnny Evers, left, and teammate, Rabbit Maranville, 1914 Braves spring training, Macon, GA.

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    Maranville, Evers, Deal, Schmidt 1914..jpg C.1914, Spring training, Macon, GA. L to R: Rabbit Maranville, Johnny Evers, Charlie Deal, Butch Schmidt.

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