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Thread: Game pictures

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    axe bat!!!!!!!!!

    Game-13 blurred.jpg

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    My grandson last season at 10 years.

    He is the catcher for this team and also a traveling tournament team. They practice inside in the cold weather. He just made first degree black belt which, I feel gives him more strength and coordination. These photos were taken during and after their championship game which they won in extra innings when the runner on second scored on a base hit. (#2) This gave them a 14-0 record for the season. He is 11 years old now. My son was the head coach for this team and is on the top right ,

    upload pictures online
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    Latest one for me from Arizona.

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    Okay 2 more

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    Game pictures

    Double post

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    From peewee to MS ball.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pthawaii View Post
    From peewee to MS ball.

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    Love the glove! (laces and all) Very cool pics. From pee wee to MS - It goes by fast, doesn't it?

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    A few from my 7U team.

    My boy running to cover second.

    A swing and a miss for obvious reasons

    Sun setting

    Lining up at the end

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    Squaring up a ball in today's tournament.

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    perfect game.JPG

    a few weeks ago at Lakepoint


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    Snuck over by dugout to capture this shot as he was in the hole.

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    Last weekend, 12U.


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    JV Ball, it's been a long road with my kid and getting his elbow back and on the mound, finally.
    Sorry about the crappy cell phone pic!

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    Quote Originally Posted by motherlode View Post
    axe bat!!!!!!!!!

    Did he destroy the Easton?

    Ummm, I recognize some faces in the other dugout too.
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    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rastlet View Post
    Small world. My son goes to the same school but is just in middle school. Good luck in the state playoffs tonight if the rain holds off.
    Very cool! Surprising, but good to find someone else from the area here. I don't feel like it's fair that last matchup had to take place, but it is what it is. This week will be a real test.

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