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    Book Inquiry

    Wondering if anyone has read Baseball Founders or Base Ball Pioneers, both edited by Peter Morris, William Ryczek and others? I have two questions for anyone familiar with these volumes.

    (1) Are they, in fact, two totally difference volumes or is one simply a revision of the earlier book? What's the difference between the two?

    (2) How much would you recommend either/both of these?
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    Disclosure: I was a contributor to both volumes.

    They are separate books, together constituting a two volume work. They are collections of brief histories of early baseball clubs. The difference between the two is geographical coverage. They are both listed on Amazon and you can use the "Look Inside" function to get a taste of what they are about, and something you will spend your money on.

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    yes i love basket ball because it is game of long height and more struggle and talent is required for this game, And this is also like war.


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