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Thread: Best/worst rbaser and rField for teams

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    Best/worst rbaser and rField for teams

    can someone either do a search , or perhaps help me track down teams that netted the most runs or most negative runs on the bases (rbaser) and in the field (rfield)?

    I realize that earlier teams values are often "guessed at" using some correlating stats for these two, or using simpler metrics. Also to convert r into wins you need to run it through the run environment, for example by multplying rbaser by WAR/RAR for the team but if I can get a list of the most positive and negative teams in runs on the bases and separately in the field it would be neat. Thanks.

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    Anyway, for example this page shows the '85 cardinals to be +18 rbaser for the season. They also are +50 rfield for the season.

    To convert those into wins you would multiply them by 35.4/335 (WAR/RAR) for the team. That ratio gives the wins per run for that team's setting. In this case it is 0.106 wins per run. That means that the Cards netted 1.9 wins above average on the bases and 5.3 from fielding. (although pitcher's fielding runs saved don't end up in team fielding I think).

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    I will keep maybe top 10-20 teams here as we find them.

    '80 Royals: +28


    '85 Cards: +50


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    Best Rfield is the 1973 Orioles, list at +119 runs by Baseball Reference.

    FanGraphs has them at 116 runs due to a few discrepancies, despite both being based on Total Zone. But you can probably get a good idea of the top 10-20 fielding teams there. And baserunning, for that matter.
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    Here is the list for FG BsR, from 1901-2016:,d

    Interesting that the top 14 are all teams from the second decade of the last century, except for the 2010 Rays. However, comparing recent teams with earlier teams in this manner is not really possible, because prior to 2001 or so, FG does not have data for advancing on a hit, UBR, or avoiding DP, wGDP. So for the last century, BsR is based solely on SB. Players on those deadball era teams ran wild.

    If you want to see a similar list for Defense, just click on that heading in the table at the above link. The 1969 Orioles are first. However, the Def metric includes the positional adjustment. If one considers just defensive runs saved, called Fielding at FG, the 1973 O's are first, as AF above notes, with the 1969 O's second. To see that list, you click on the Value tab--the link above takes you to a table in the Dashboard mode--then click on the Fielding heading.

    In fact, you'll see that the reason the 1969 O's had a better defensive rating than the 1973 team is because the former had a positive positional adjustment, while the latter had a negative positional adjustment. This reflects the introduction of the DH in 1973. Scrolling down that list, you'll see that AL teams after the DH was introduced all have negative positional adjustments, while NL teams continue to have the positive adjustment that all teams had prior to the DH. Because of this, the top teams in Defense are all either in the NL, or in the AL prior to the DH.
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