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Thread: Call Me Crazy, But On The Surface, The Braves Are Decent At The Positions

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    Agreed> I refer you to the Brewers, Royals, Marlins, Padres, Twins, etc. However, keep in mind that although nobody is saying that the selling of tickets do not contribute to the bottom line, it is NOT the top attraction. TV, ads, apps, etc contribute a significant part of a teams revenue and they none of the above teams are in danger of losing that..

    Sam, that in a nutshell may be the entire issue.. Whatever the case, the Braves should have a decent season and could surprise a lot of people.
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    The Braves have a lousy TV contract that they've been trying to massage their way through. I'm pretty sure they renegotiated some things with it so it's more beneficial to them recently.
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