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Thread: Things outside talent that help you make the team

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    Son has freshman tryouts in a couple of weeks. His travel team I think has taught him well, they sprint out to positions, always carry on with a sense of urgency, respect the team/coaches/teammates sort of thing.

    I reminded him yesterday, to not wear his travel team jersey, or even a jersey style shirt he has from texas baseball ranch. He wasn't told to wear anything with name/number(as far as I know), so he'll likely just wear something light fitting, probably just some baseball themed shirt. Only hat he has is the summer team hat, which is from a town about 20 miles away, so nobody will know, though it does slightly resemble a local team.

    The big one for him is body language, which for the reasons Jett describes, worries me. He also has trouble sometimes looking people in the eye, which makes me go insane sometimes. He'll be looking around when the coach is talking, and he's listening, but the perception is bad. So, some things to work on.

    Thanks for the list and subsequent posts, always a helpful reminder!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CatalystSports View Post
    For the hitting side of things, the first thing we notice at our facility and the other college coaches scouting our players (whether they know it or not) is BAT SPEED! Bat speed is something nobody ever talks about... everyone talks mechanics, yet it is one of the most important qualities to have as a hitter.

    Mechanics are all well and good and obviously very important, but you could have the best swing on earth if you don't have any bat speed the ball won't go anywhere and then nobody cares anyways.

    Give me a kid with stellar bat speed and poor mechanics and I will [almost] always take him over the kid with perfect mechanics but no bat speed. I can teach mechanics... teaching a players body to be explosive is not as easy.

    Look at Tulo for example... his swing is garbage, but his bat speed and hand eye coordination are off the charts. I would put Pujols in that same category.
    The topic is "things outside talent" that help a player make a "middle school" or "high school team." Where do college coaches, pro scouts, bat speed and Tulowitzki fit into the discussion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JettSixty View Post
    A couple more that believe it or not I've seen ...

    - Don't forget to get a physical and signed off by your doctor

    - Don't forget to bring any required paperwork with required signatures by your parents

    I've shown up at pickup time. Tryouts weren't over. But there would be a player watching because he forgot required paperwork. It's not a good way to make the team.
    Yes, those are good ones that I also heard somewhere else before.
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    you had all day in school to play grab ass with your buddies. the two minutes between ground balls or during warmups is not the time for this. the 2 hours you're on the field is the coach's time, not yours.

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    One thing...does bbsg agree with this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by legends_baseball View Post
    one thing...does bbsg agree with this?
    wwbbsgd. ....

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