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Thread: College Scouting services and application processes

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    College Scouting services and application processes

    This is directed at anyone further along the recruiting food chain than I am (parent of a 16u player).

    Does anyone have a solid word for NCSA, Captain U or any of the other scouting services?

    Does anyone have a solid word about Naviance, an app supposedly for all High Schoolers intended to help them find the right college and process Common Application papers?

    Do college coaches require athletes apply to their recruits to use the Common Application if their schools use this process (about 500 colleges use it for general applicants)?

    Does NCSA or any of the other scouting services provide Common Application help or help on academic scholarships, regular loans, campus jobs and so on?


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    Don't waste money on scouting services. They throw sphaghetti off the wall to see what sticks. You can do better on your own. I'm sure scouting services can find a handful of references who claim they use them. But most don't.

    You start with an honest evaluation of what level you believe your son can play. Then you pick conferences at that level. Then select colleges that are an financial, academic, athletic, geographical, social and cultural fit. By cultural fit a north eastern city kid is less likely to feel comfortable in a rural, southern enviromment. And vice versa. That said my north eastern metro city kids went to a midwestern college town and a southern city college and loved it.

    Select about fifty colleges. It may seem like a lot. But as the process proceeds you will change your mind on some of the choices. In our cases the college coach may not be interested.

    Create an email firstname.lastname,highschoolclassyear@youremail.c om (
    This makes the emails recognizable to the coach and allows you to keep all correspondence in one place. Use some kind of contacts data base with all contact and next action.

    Email each college recruiting coach and head coach on your list. Express interest in the college academics and the baseball program. Ask at what events he can get in front of the coaching staff to display his talent. This will tell you what showcases and tournaments. Then when the events take place email the coaches ahead of time stating you will be there. Don't get hooked into their camps unless they are prospect camps. Chances are you get entered into their database and get invited to every money grab they run to help fiancÚ their spring trip.

    Check your PM's.


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