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    Gamechanger Help

    I'm trying to use gamechanger during our games this season (versus transferring the data from a paper scorebook afterwards).
    It's going okay, but tonight I noticed that our pitcher's last inning isn't showing up in the stats.

    He was our third pitcher:
    P1 went 3 innings;
    P2 went 2 innings;
    P3 went 2 innings.

    But it's only showing that P3 went 1 inning. I've re-synced but that hasn't fixed the problem. I'm scoring the game on an ipad, but the complete game stats are not showing up on that device nor on my iPhone app or laptop (thru

    Any suggestions on how to get all of the stats to appear in the game stats?


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    Is it not showing the 3rd pitcher's first inning or second inning. There is a chance that the pitching change didn't register. So you would have a phantom pitcher. Also, check the play by play. See what that says. You can contact support if it looks like a software bug.

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    I would go back in and resume scoring. Edit the plays and make sure you have the correct pitcher entry may take a while for it to sync up.


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