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Thread: Sticky: 2017 Mariners Season Thread

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    Sticky: 2017 Mariners Season Thread

    Welp, the Seattle Mariners are getting swept outta Houston to start off the 2017 campaign. Rats!

    I hope things turn around from here!

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    Not so fast, the Mariners actually salvaged the last game of the four-game series. So, no sweep. Whew!

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    Now sporting a 5-8 record, the Mariners are now out of the cellar after winning 3 in a row to sweep the now basement dwelling Rangers.

    Highlights for the season include:

    A terrific start to the season for Paxton who has yet to allow a run in his first 21 innings of work. Felix and Iwakuma have also fared well in their last starts

    The team is making moves on the basepaths and are first in SB's so far (12).

    Motter, Heredia and Freeman are combined hitting: .333/.409/.769!

    Haniger has 4 HR's on the season, is leading the league with 12 runs, and has gotten on base every game with season including a 10 game hit streak. During this hit streak, he has been hitting: .359/.457/.718!

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    Another series win for the M's as they take 2 out of 3 from the Fish.

    A shaky start to the game from Felix but lo and behold, the team mounted up a proper bit of offense and won 10-5!

    A good bit of offense from Haniger down to Seager (with each of the two sporting 4-RBI nights!) with Cano and Cruz offering a couple hits apiece. The team also garnered 10 walks along with their 11 runs.

    They now have won 5 out of their last 6 and are 7-9 on the season, tied with the Angels and just behind the 7-8 A's.

    Speaking of the Athletis, the M's start a new series with them on the road tonight.

    Paxton is putting his 0.00 ERA on the line again against Cesar Valdez who has not pitched in the Majors since 2010... where he posted a 7.65 ERA for the Diamondbacks in 20 innings.

    I am looking for the Mariners to put a stomping on him tonight as a good "welcome back" message and a solid note to start the series.
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    Fyi I am ok with Ichiro hitting a homer in his last appearance at The Safe. It was just a solo homer, it wasn't off of King Felix, and the Mariners won anyway. So, no harm no foul. Just a little bit of fun.


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