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Thread: Ever throw out a 1st Pitch?

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    Ever throw out a 1st Pitch?

    My son did last year.

    I entered him in a radio contest where I had to say why throwing out the 1st pitch would mean so much to him.

    I emailed the station about him attending his first game before he was 1, how he listens to games on the radio as he falls asleep and lives and breathes UF.

    So, they picked him!
    Met the Program Director of the station, was given a signed Chris Archer ball (why not, right?)
    Got a quick tour of the stadium, met the Voice of the Gators, Mick Hubbert and got to hang on the field for warmups.

    To the bump

    the pitch

    Anyone else ever get to experience something like this?
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    At the conclusion of my summer internship. Team made the interns throw out a first pitch on their last night. And they expected it to be done with your "non-dominant" hand so there'd be some comedy to go with it... Joke was on them! I could throw a baseball with both hands And threw a strike...

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    I won a contest on Twitter-- something like being the Lake County Captains' 5000th follower or something of the sort. I grew up in Lake County, but live in Texas now. So, unfortunately I had to pass on the opportunity.
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    Can't say I have. But I have a friend who once sang the anthem at petco park.
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