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Thread: The Early Days.

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    1913 Joe Tinker, Shortstop/Manager

    1913 Joe Tinker portrait.jpg

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    1910 Pitcher Jack Rowan (see also post #129)

    1910 Cin Jack Rowan.jpg

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    Two photos with uncertain dates:

    Bob Ewing, Pitcher, probably 1908
    The block lettering on the uniform was used on the road 1901-1907. The cap appears to be red, which the team wore in 1901 at home, but Ewing joined the Reds in 1902, when they wore dark blue road uniforms 1901-1903. The road uniforms and caps were gray 1904-1907. Red caps returned as part of the home and road uniforms in 1908. The lettering on the 1908 road uniform was different (see the Tom Downey photo below) than seen on Ewing's shirt, but the players in the 1908 team photo (probably taken during spring training) are wearing different combinations of the 1907 and 1908 uniforms, thus early 1908 is the most likely date for this photo.

    1908 Bob Ewing.jpg

    Tom Downey, SS, 1908 or 1909
    Downey played his first major league game with Cincinnati in 1909, but in this photo he is wearing a 1908 road uniform. Either he was with the team but did not play for them in 1908 (perhaps after the minor league season had ended), or he wore this uniform in spring training of 1909.

    1908 or 1909 Tom Downey.jpg

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    Win Kellum, Pitcher, 1904

    1904 Cin Win Kellum.jpg

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    1908 Cincinnati RF Mike Mitchell

    Mike Mitchell.jpg

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    1912 Pitcher Jim Bagby (identified by BMarlowe on another forum)
    Bagby is dressed in a 1911 Cincinnati uniform, but this may have been taken during spring training in 1912.
    Bagby appeared in five games for the Reds in 1912, then didn't reappear in the major leagues until 1916 with Cleveland.

    1912 Jim Bagby.jpg

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    1919 LF/CF/PH Charlie See, Charles Conlon photos

    1919 Charlie See OF portrait.jpg 1919 Charlie See OF.jpg

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    1919 Centerfielder Edd Roush, Charles Conlon photo

    1919 Edd Roush OF Conlon portrait.jpg

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    1919 Leftfielder Sherry Magee, Charles Conlon photo

    1919 Sherry Magee OF 3.jpg

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    1919 Utility Player Jimmy Smith, Charles Conlon photo

    1919 Jimmy Smith IFOF.jpg

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    1919 Catcher Nick Allen, Charles Conlon photo

    1919 Nick Allen C.jpg

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    1919 Pitcher Roy Mitchell, Charles Conlon photo

    1919 Roy Mitchell P.jpg

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    1909-1911 Manager Clark Griffith

    1909-1911 Clark Griffith.jpg

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    1909 RF Mike Mitchell

    1909 Mike Mitchell.jpg

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    1909 Catcher Tommy Clarke
    Clarke was a rookie in 1909, and remained with the Reds through the 1917 season.

    1909 C Tommy Clarke.jpg

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    Palace of the Fans, 1907 game New York vs. Cincinnati
    The handwritten note refers to a game "this fall"; the Giants played a four game series in Cincinnati, September 20th-22nd, 1907.
    Palace of the Fans 1907 NY vs Cin.jpg
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    1903 Catcher Emil Haberer

    1903 Haberer.jpg

    Emil Haberer worked in his family's Cincinnati carriage manufacturing plant and was a semi-professional catcher in 1901 when the Reds signed him to be what would today be called a bullpen catcher to warm up Amos Rusie, who was attempting a comeback after missing two seasons following a serious arm injury. Rusie's comeback failed, but the Reds then suffered some injuries in their infield and signed Haberer to play first and third base while their regulars recovered. He appeared in three games at third base and two at first base, and was 3-for-18 at the plate with a triple during the Reds' homestand. Haberer then went back to the factory and semi-pro ball until August of 1903, when a foul ball injured the hand of Cincinnati catcher Bill Bergen. The Reds quickly re-signed Haberer to be the #2 catcher (behind Heinie Peitz). This time, he went on a road trip with the team that included games in Boston August 19th-21st, when photographer Carl Horner captured the image posted above of Haberer in his Cincinnati road uniform. Haberer appeared in four games as a catcher during this month, and was 1-for-13 at the plate. Afterwards, he again returned to the family business and semi-professional baseball. Within a few years the Haberer company had converted to manufacturing automobiles rather than carriages--the make was named CinO. In 1909, Haberer participated in two experimental night games played by local teams in Cincinnati, and in September of that year, the Reds called on him again when they needed a fill-in behind the plate. He was the Cincinnati catcher in four games, and batted 3-for-16 with a double. That was Haberer's last season in the major leagues; thereafter his focus was on the family business. (Information taken from Haberer's SABR biography.)

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    1907 Cincinnati Team Composite by Carl Horner

    NL Cincinnati Horner.jpg

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