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Thread: The Early Days.

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    1913 Cincinnati Reds

    1913 NL Cincinnati 4.jpg

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    Palace of the Fans

    Palace of the Fans.jpg

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    1904 Catcher Admiral Schlei (Carl Horner portrait)

    1904 Admiral Schlei.jpg

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    1905 3B Al Bridwell

    1904 Huggins.jpg
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    Hans Lobert, 3B, 1906 or 1907


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    1909 or 1910 Bob Bescher

    1910 Bob Bescher.jpg

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    1907-1909 Mike Mitchell, Right Fielder

    Cin Mike Mitchell.jpg

    As a 27-year-old rookie in 1907, Mike Mitchell recorded an astonishing 39 assists from right field. (Only Chuck Klein, playing in a very short right field at Baker Bowl, has a higher total since 1900.) Mitchell hit .292 that year, and after a second-year slump, he rebounded to lead the league in triples in both 1909 and 1910. After five seasons with Cincinnati, he began to decline, and finished his career with the Cubs, Pirates, and Senators. Photos of him in a Cincinnati uniform (other than group pictures) are difficult to find.

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    1909-1911 Catcher Larry McLean

    1909-1911 McLean.jpg

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    1904 Center Fielder Cy Seymour

    Cy Seymour.jpg

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    1906 Catcher Paddy Livingston

    1906 Paddy Livingston.jpg

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    1913 Joe Tinker, Shortstop/Manager

    1913 Joe Tinker portrait.jpg

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    1910 Pitcher Jack Rowan (see also post #129)

    1910 Cin Jack Rowan.jpg

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    Two photos with uncertain dates:

    Bob Ewing, Pitcher, probably 1908
    The block lettering on the uniform was used on the road 1901-1907. The cap appears to be red, which the team wore in 1901 at home, but Ewing joined the Reds in 1902, when they wore dark blue road uniforms 1901-1903. The road uniforms and caps were gray 1904-1907. Red caps returned as part of the home and road uniforms in 1908. The lettering on the 1908 road uniform was different (see the Tom Downey photo below) than seen on Ewing's shirt, but the players in the 1908 team photo (probably taken during spring training) are wearing different combinations of the 1907 and 1908 uniforms, thus early 1908 is the most likely date for this photo.

    1908 Bob Ewing.jpg

    Tom Downey, SS, 1908 or 1909
    Downey played his first major league game with Cincinnati in 1909, but in this photo he is wearing a 1908 road uniform. Either he was with the team but did not play for them in 1908 (perhaps after the minor league season had ended), or he wore this uniform in spring training of 1909.

    1908 or 1909 Tom Downey.jpg

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    Win Kellum, Pitcher, 1904

    1904 Cin Win Kellum.jpg

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    1908 Cincinnati RF Mike Mitchell

    Mike Mitchell.jpg

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    1912 Pitcher Jim Bagby (identified by BMarlowe on another forum)
    Bagby is dressed in a 1911 Cincinnati uniform, but this may have been taken during spring training in 1912.
    Bagby appeared in five games for the Reds in 1912, then didn't reappear in the major leagues until 1916 with Cleveland.

    1912 Jim Bagby.jpg

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