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    Im A Freshman Playing at the JV level of baseball in high school and i started off the year on a tear going 5-9 with a bunch of rbis and zero strikeouts while batting clean up. Recently ive been about 2-12 with 6 strike outs and a few base on balls. Any advice or past expierences on how to get out of this slump would be very helpful.


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    Keep on playing and dont think about being in a slump.

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    I wish i could...but its tough knowing that if i keep struggling im letting the team down and moving down in the batting order. Well i hit off the tee and in the cages for a good hour today and it seemed i was pulling my head off. Next game is on wednesday i think im ready to break out.

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    Here's what seperates levels of players:
    High School players are able to separate games.
    College players are able to separate at-bats.
    Pro players are able to separate pitches.

    You have to remember that just because you had a bad swing on one pitch, doesn't mean you are going to have a bad swing on the next pitch. Every pitch is a new chance.

    The best way to get out of a slump is not to panic. You haven't even had 30 at bats yet. You're 7-21? That's over .300. Remember, you're are hitting 4 hole for a reason, and that reason is not to walk. Your job is to swing and drive runs in. 1-4 with 2 rbi's is a lot better in the 4 hole than 1-1 with 2 walks and a single. The latter does nothing for the team but shift your responsiblity of driving in runs to hitters later in the order. Keep on hitting, remaining patient for pitches you can drive. Swing, Swing, Swing.

    If you pm me, I'll give you the advice that teammates from my college team used to get out of slumps.
    Drive it like you stole it.

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    I had an 0 for 33 slump in JV and busted out of it with 7 straight hits over two games...

    I drank before the first game where I went 3-3... so, um, I really can't reccommend that. But it worked for me, getting rid of the nervousness.

    I'm here to hand out terrible advice

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    Drinking before the game is probably why your slump was AT JV!!!
    Drive it like you stole it.

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    Im going through a batting slump right now myself. I've gone back to the basics of batting...taking wiffles,batting cages, anything that works your basic fondamentals helps. The important thing is to not get mad at yourself and to keep pushing to get better everyday.

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    slump then getting stroke back then wrist smashed up

    Well I went 1-2 in my last game and in a big game against a powerhouse our team was up 6-0. Our third basement went to tag third and throw over......The throw was left and i stretched out for it( although i was not in the baseline) i was plowed over and sprained my wrist pretty bad and i've been out for 2 games now and even just playin catch hurts.... The ruling was that i was falling toward the baseline and he was called safe when the ball and my glove flew off my hand. and right when i was getting my stroke back too.

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    Here's what you do

    I'm 18 and have been playin the game since I was 3 and don't see an end to that anytime soon. I've never been much of a #4 in the lineup, I usually lead off cuz Im quick and consistent. You're obviously THE power hitter on you're team, so your coach has you there for a reason. Don't be pressured to hit homeruns right now. Just concentrate on RBI's for a little while. Ted Williams, The greatest hitter to ever play, said "just watch the bat hit the ball." It's so simple and it seriously works. I've had 6 4for4 games this season and one 5for5 game in my senior season. Just try to get base hits and the power will be there when you swing through it. Never TRY to hit homeruns, they are more something that will just come. tell me how it works out for ya man. Good luck

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    help me out

    I'm a junior in high school, and I'm in a huge hitting slump. I'm starting at shortstop for my school's team, and I expected to have a great season. I came off a season in the summer where I batted over .500, and I felt really good coming into this year. I hit 5 in the order, and I'm swinging really well in batting practice, off the tee, etc...There's only one problem; I'm 2-15 on the season and I haven't hit a good hard line drive yet. It climaxed today; I was up in the bottom of the seventh with the bases loaded and two outs. We were down by two and a hit would have tied the game. I battled with two strikes and fouled 3 or 4 pitches off, but ended up striking out on a high fastball and ending the game. I'm in a huge rut. There's no way college coaches will be interested in me if I can't put up numbers my junior year, but that's not even the big problem. I just want to hit the ball hard and help my team win. I really could use some advice. Help me out.

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    you guys ever read Epsteins book the Mental side of hitting? Its a must read at your level and above. In a nut shell you need to approach every pitch with a plan. What did the pitcher throw you 0-1 1-1 2-1 ect... talk to your teammates, what pitch did you just get at 2-2 and then expect to see the same pattern when your at the plate.Pitchers will throw their best pitch usually when they are behind in the count, When you get your pitch then rip it. You cannot be up there just trying to make contact, you gotta anticipate pitches and out smart the pitcher.

    good luck

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    cally is right

    The pitcher controls what you hit not you

    First if all ask your self

    Can he pitch or not?

    If not, hang around for a FB in the middle of the plate and walk twice tonight

    100 bucks says you got some good pitches , cranked them and YOU widened you own strike zone and stopped looking for your pitch

    Shrink the box back to reality and get your hands back and foot down looking there until you get two strikes.

    Look down for the FB against the good pitchers and hit is early in the count, the first time you see it

    Success begets failure when you think you can leverage a ball outside of a 8-10 in. square.

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    This page might help anyone who is having mental trouble at the plate:

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    It could be a mental thing.. it probably is. Think positively while you're up there

    It could be mechanical, have someone videotape you if possible

    Each time you go up there, you have to expect you're getting a hit. If you think anything otherwise you're already setting yourself up for failure (Negative self-fullfilling prophecy)
    While I do prefer to interact with people in a gentle manner... I'm also not at all opposed to establishing my dominance in a reign of terror.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NateB. View Post
    Drinking before the game is probably why your slump was AT JV!!!
    LOL! I'm surprised 0-33 would get a 34th at-bat. I'm surprised he got 33.

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    what i do when im in a slump is hit the batting cages...hard

    you need a partner for what i do.

    1. start by soft tossing normally
    2. have partner soft toss from behind you (helps you wait on pitches to come to you)
    3. have partner drop baseball into strike zone (i dont think this is all to great, but i keep it in my routine. the partner has to reach out as far as he can, holding it above the strike zone. you have to be careful about this drill)
    4. from behind a screen, have your partner bounce the ball to you from directly in front of you. it should be one bounce, right into the strike zone. this helps you from looping and you'll make better contact
    5. this one is hard to explain but your partner will toss the ball into the zone from infront of you and you swing with both hands, driving your back leg up and across your body. dont drag your leg up, thrust it. you'll really see the ball take off.
    6. do a normal round, full swing with your partner tossing from infront of you. after step 5, your hips will open up better and you'll be driving the ball all over the field.

    this always works for me without fail. unfortunately practice isnt long enough for me to do this everyday and nobody wants to stick around after practice everyday so i cant always do this.


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