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Thread: Sicks' Stadium / Sick's Stadium

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    Seattle Pilots: The First Voyage

    The Seattle Pilots only existing video (in two parts) can be viewed on youtube (Links):


    "The First Voyage" can also be viewed on the Seattle Channel (Link):
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    I believe Hovley's nickname was Orbit.

    Quote Originally Posted by skeletor View Post
    and don't forget Don Mincher, and the team's resident hipster and hippie,
    Steve Holvey ..aka tennis ball..a great flake..and ended up doing a tour
    with the they were mutanting from the pilots..

    good to see there's still great interest in the Pilots threads..over 155 posts!
    and some darn gooooooood ones,at that ! and in the words of Joe Schutz
    the first mgr...'pound that Budweiser'

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    What Sicks' Stadium should have been like

    Here's a little update on Nat Bailey Stadium in Vancouver - now the home of the Oakland Athletics Class A farm team. Just think what Sicks' Seattle Stadium would've looked like if renovated like Nat Bailey. It's ashame to hear that the "historic scoreboard" was taken down. This is a piece of MAJOR LEAGUE history, salvaged from Sicks Stadium, the former home of the Seattle Pilots.

    Nat Bailey Stadium’s hand-operated scoreboard will be gone before Vancouver Canadians’ June 19 season opener. A new ground level, hand-operated unit is being embedded in the fence as part of stadium-wide renovations.
    The 12-foot by 45-foot scoreboard was born in Sick’s Seattle Stadium. It was used during Seattle Pilots’ only American League season in 1969. It moved to Nat Bailey in 1978. Canadians’ vice-president Delany Dunn hopes to sell it as a charity fundraiser. "It’s going to benefit Little League to some degree and we’re going to honour the heritage of that scoreboard," Dunn said.
    Society of American Baseball Research member Dave Eskenazi of Seattle said the ideal home would be Safeco Field’s new museum. A Lowe’s home improvement store is on the site of Sick’s Seattle Stadium, which opened in 1938 but was demolished in 1979.

    Well, at least Nat Bailey Stadium still has Sicks' lights.

    Thus far it took a million to 1.5 million dollars for this upgrade so far. Just think what Sicks' would've looked like!

    Here's a reference on YouTube:
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    Sicks Stadium

    Here is a seating diagram of sicks stadium from 1969
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    1969 Radio Team

    Here are the voices of the 1969 Seattle Pilots and Sicks Stadium.
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    Birds' Boog Flys Around Bases

    Seattle Endures A 6.4 Magnitude Earthquake!

    Sicks' Seattle Stadium shakes when six-foot, four-inch, 250-pound Boog Powell legs out an inside-the-park homer (his 33rd of the season) in the 9th inning against ex-teammate Steve Barber on August 16, 1969. The ball caromed off the center field wall and bounded away from the fielders. The sight of the 247-pound Powell careening around the bases is one to remember. The slow-footed Powell’s rare use of speed helps the Orioles to a 15-3 win over the Seattle Pilots.

    Game Played on Saturday, August 16, 1969 (N) at Sicks’ Seattle Stadium
    BAL A 0 0 2 3 0 5 2 1 2 - 15 15 0
    SEA A 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 - 3 7 0
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    NJ by way of Brooklyn

    Sicks Stadium

    scorecard from 1969
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    you can take the Dodgers out of Brooklyn, but you can't take the Brooklyn out of the DODGERS

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    i'd have prefered Sick's etc. stabnding..but what use are you going to have? They had the Kingdome at the time of demolition (1979)...

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    Where was Sicks at? I was born in the Seattle area, lived there for 29 years but never did see where it was...
    WAR? Prove it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zito75 View Post
    Where was Sicks at? I was born in the Seattle area, lived there for 29 years but never did see where it was...
    Basically, Sicks was located at South McClellan St and Rainier Avenue South with Martin Luther King Way South (formally Empire Way South) [SR 900] running parallel to Rainier Avenue on the back side. It's in the Rainier Valley area of Seattle. SE from Downtown Seattle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rennie Stennett View Post
    Basically, Sicks was located at South McClellan St and Rainier Avenue South with Martin Luther King Way South (formally Empire Way South) [SR 900] running parallel to Rainier Avenue on the back side. It's in the Rainier Valley area of Seattle. SE from Downtown Seattle.
    You know, right it where always was. Right next to a Starbucks.

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    Just an add-on to the experiences of Sicks Stadium. I had the good fortune of taking in two games, both against Oakland, in July and October. They were tremendous experiences before I learned what a terrible ballpark it was. It may have been terrible, but it was the greatest for a young boy. It was major league baseball. (I did see a Seattle Angels game there, too).

    The first night I took my parents movie camera and shot a roll. Caught the Pilots only run, a Mincher homer. After the game, we waited outside and a couple players came out, and we got their autographs. They turned out to be Ron Plaza, the first base coach, and Jim Bouton. I always liked Bouton's baseball cards with the Yankees, so he became my favorite player. Little did I know about the book to follow. I wear #56 at fantasy camp in honor of him.

    The second game we were seated right behind home plate. If I remember correctly, Goosen hit one out. Brabender started both games. The best part was we had read Zoilo Versalles book and that he called Sandy Valdespino "hubba hubba Sandy", so when we called him that as he came to the plate, he turned to us and gave us a funny look.

    While I have memories, having the box scores off the Seattle Pilots site really helps jog the memories. And the memories are great. Sicks Stadium serves as my wallpaper for the computer, so the reminders are daily. What a wonderful time.

    Finally, getting to watch (via the Ms wear the Pilots uniforms on turn back the clock day was great. I was thrilled when they actioned off those uniforms, got a couple to work out in. Sure beats the wool jerseys they wore in 1969, especially in the heat and humidity of the Midwest.

    Thanks for letting me ramble on.

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    Pilots On Film

    Do you still have the pictures and film you took of the Pilots? Your ballpark experience is interesting. Do you recall any complaints about Sicks' Stadium when the Angels were playing there? Can you describe the atmosphere surrounding the stadium as you remember it? How was the entrance into the stadium like. What did the concession and souvenir stands look like. Were there team flags stationed around the stadium in order of the current standings (like we see at SAFECO today)? I've heard so much about the problems with the toilets and overall condition of Sicks' that it obscures the improvements made to prepare it for Major League play. I would much prefer to get an idea (visually) of what everything looked like as one sat down to watch the game.

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    Dear Tailwind,

    wow, I wish I had the memory to answer all your questions. First, yes, I do still have the film. It is not great quality, but for a twelve year-old using the folk's camera for one of the first times, it isn't too bad.
    Boy, the memories of first walking in are really faint. I seem to remember the dark cement walkways inside, but to be truthful, even that could be a stadium that I visited since then. I just remember the excitement I felt.
    No recollection on the flags being up or placed according to the standings.
    I didn't know of the complaints about the water pressure until reading Ball Four. I don't even think I used the restrooms. I was so taken just to be watching a major league game. And I was far too young to drink beer. My best-friend's parents took us; my family could not have afforded it. So concessions were out.
    The same with the Angels experience. It was bat day then, and I received a Joe Koppe signature bat. I wish I still had it, but in the many moves of my parents, it disappeared. Do you remember his baseball card, I think the 64 set Topps, where he had his glove on the right hand?
    Being a newcomer here, I haven't figured out how this site works. If you can find a way to email me privately, I would appreciate it. I just don't want to post my email for privacy issues.
    I apologize for not being able to be more helpful to you.

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    Fan-tastic Memories


    Nice Memories. I posted on the "Private Messages" my e-mail address. Just click on the quick links on the tool bar above, then on the miscellaneous private messages. Hope to hear from you soon!

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    Pics of Former Sicks' Site

    Here are some present-day photos of the former Sicks' Seattle Stadium site...
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    sicks stadium about 1967
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    Go, Go, You Pilots

    I was looking for a photo of the back of any 1976 Brewers road uniform and came across this video quite by accident. Quite a good collection of images. I can't get the song out of my head though (which just happens to be an army marching melody as well for the army of India) . Go, go, you Pilots....

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    Just out of curiosity, what're you looking for with the 1976 road jersey?

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    76 Brewers?

    I'm doing an art project with my son and we are looking for a photo of the back of the 76 Brewer jersey to finish it up. I'm assuming the back was the same as a couple of years near it, but I wanted to make sure. I need name and number font as well as trim details.

    He has the jersey drawn for the 1926 Tigers for his great-grandad's first game, the 1949 Oshkosh Giants for his grandfather, and 2007 Cleveland Indians for himself. He just needs the Brewers for his dad's first game.

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    The 1976 Brewers' uniforms were no name on back, standard block number font, royal trimmed in gold. Should be the same from 1972-1977.

    In the early days, the Brewers wore different number fonts on the front and back, but the back was (so far as I can ascertain) always the same block.

    Sorry to derail this thread, so here's a nice pic of a Don Mincher batting helmet from the 1969 Pilots:

    and a team-issued cap:

    Ye gods, I miss that color scheme.

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    Brewer Photos

    Those were some great photos. The Pilots batting helmet is certainly one of the classics of all time. Nwo if you could lead me to road unis rather than the home; I would have exactly what I was looking for.

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    Oh, road jersey. Why didn't you say so?

    Here's a 1975 one, the standard 1976 road uniform should be the same:
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    Happy 70th Anniversary Sicks' Seattle Stadium!

    The Seattle Pilots' interim stadium, Sicks' Seattle Stadium would have turned 70. We'd have something to celebrate if it was still standing.
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    Wow these are some great pictures. I've tried looking around for pictures of Sick's for a little while and I finally found some!

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