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Thread: Louis Castro -- first Latin player

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    Clearing the water

    I think you have summed up the reason there is no much confusion and the reason Louis has not received the praise he deserves. As long as it is viewed as a debate or discussion the fact that Louis was the first Latin to play the game will never be clear.

    Major league baseball made a concise decision on the NA stats, that they would not count. The league was founded as an amatuer league. You can no more count those stats than you could any other amatuer league of the time. The facts are the facts, the National Assco. teams are not and have never been part of Major League baseball. I say this not to slight Esteban, but to clear up a matter that needs to be clear for the sake of Latin Baseball history.

    In regards to Nava, based on my genological research he was not a full blooded Latino. He was not even a majority Latino. Again, I say this not to slight Sandy but to be clear.

    Louis was 100% Latino(I can prove that), Louis played for the Philadelphia A's(a major League team). Those facts are clear. The debate on this subject has raged long enough. It is time to clean up our history...

    Nick Martinez

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    Nicolás :
    Pls , excuse my ignorance , What is a full blooded Latino ? If my mother was a mexican born person , then i am not latino ? I do not understand this .
    The National Association started as an amateur league , that's true , but didn't it become a pro league in 1871 ? But in terms of MLB , pls let me know where i can find their decision on the NA . I would really appreciate it .
    Again thanks for bringing up the importance of the caribeños in the Majors .

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    Sorry for the delay in posting, with two kids and a wife computer time on the weekends is pretty scarce.

    My hope in making this effort is to unite, not to divide. So hopefully you will be open to the facts and we can right the wrong when it comes to this subject.

    In regards to your question regarding the National Association on the internet you can find many sites that state it was or was not part of Major League Baseball. The only opinion that officially matters is Major League Baseballs opinion, Elias ( is in charge of current and historical statistics for MLB. They and the commissioner of Baseball decided not to count the stats for the NA, for many reasons including influence of gambling, dominance of one team in the league and lack of enforcement of the rules of the game. Though you can find little on the web, feel free to call them at 1-212-869-1530 and they will be happy to confirm that the NA was not and is not part of Major League Baseball. This eliminates Bellan from any factual claim to being the First Latino to ever play the game.

    When it comes to Nava, again a touchy subject for many. We are getting into what percentage of persons race makes them Latin. From a traditional sense many people say the race of the mother determines the race of the child. Sandy was an American born Californian of mixed race. I am sure there was a number of players who had mixed (Mexican & Caucasian) blood who played early in the league (Nava was bold enough to keep his Latin name). If Jackie Robinson were half white, would he be considered the first black player in the modern era to play Major League Baseball?

    Have I convinced you, I think it is important that there is clarity. Louis is the real deal!


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