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Thread: Pilot Trivia

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    Let me see. On guess I would say it had to be Bob Locker.

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    Just saw this thread.. How about Pattin? I think the following season he threw something like a 12 hit shutout?

    What if the Pilots had never made a trade? I'm doing this off the top of my head but they could have had a rotation in the early 70's of

    and add Marshall and Barber and Aker to the pen and that doesn't look real shabby as far as a pitching staff goes.

    Davis hobbling around the outfield with Pinella and maybe Coluccio.
    Mincher at first
    Harper at third
    Garcia at second
    Any others that later blossomed into having a couple of decent years in the early 70's? Thomas would have been too late to include.
    It wouldn't have been a world beater in 70 and 71 but I think the potential to break even during one of those seasons.
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    Which three Pilots played in the 1965 World Series . One is easy.

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    Tommy Davis would have to be one and another could be Rich Rollins?
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    Tommy Davis was injured

    the 3 were Rich Rollins, Don Mincher and Sandy Valdespino

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    You Pilots fans may be interested in this Sicks Stadium Model that I built earlier this year.

    Photos are here.


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    Very cool kingfin66! Looks pretty straight on, epecially the front side as I remember it.

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    There was another...

    Quote Originally Posted by strato View Post
    Tommy Davis was injured

    the 3 were Rich Rollins, Don Mincher and Sandy Valdespino
    John Kennedy also played, though quite sparingly.

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