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Thread: Looks like Dodgers got Furcal

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    ^Okay... So you do think furcal is a great ss and lead off hitter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raffy15
    ^Okay... So you do think furcal is a great ss and lead off hitter?
    Yes, I do. I may not be as high on him as you are, but he is among the best today.

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    Oh, okay.I had it all wrong.I thought you despised furcal and wished the dodgers never shelled out the money for him.Don't you think it is ironic that he has made the playoffs every year as a major leaguer?He also has a rocket for an arm.I have gone to about 25 braves games and i'm only 14.Want to know why i have gone to so many games?Furcal.He is worth the price of admission alone.

    If you have not seen furcal play in person you don't know what your missing.Please go see him play if you have not already.Furcal is the most exciting player in the game.Not jose reyes.Furcal.I have seen reyes play and he is not quite as fast as furcal.

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    I agree,furcal was the mvp of the dodgers.

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