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Thread: Your Dream Ballpark Designs

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    Posting my old ballpark sketches in chronological order.

    Ballpark Twins.gif
    My First Ballpark Drawing from 8 years ago -Twins/Vikings Convertable

    Ballpark Nationals.2.gif
    Washington Nationals Stadium

    Ballpark Mets, Ebbets Field.0.gif
    Reincarnated Ebbet's Field

    New Oakland A's ballpark

    NY Olympic and Mets.3.jpg
    New York Mets/2012 Olympics Convertible. This is actually one of my favorite concepts. Would have been good for both baseball (though maybe too big) and Olympics.
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    Is that sketchup you are using shulzte?

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    I love your Mets/Olympic design.

    Actually, I love this entire thread.

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    jeez, if only the had done something like that in Atlanta...the Olympic stadium there wouldn't have been such a laughing stock and impractical for the athletic events

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    Tiger Soccer.gif
    This was what should have happened to Tiger MLS conversion. It would have made a really good soccer stadium

    New Marlins Stadium

    Tampa Bay2.0.gif
    New Tampa Bay Rays Stadium (Before my first 3-D version on the Al Lang Site)

    Multi-Purpose Las Vegas Dome.

    Expandable New Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha, Nebraska

    These two sets of drawing were all done on MS-Paint between 2006-09.
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    Been goofing off with other things other than baseball parks, although I just started a Marlins Park v.3 and I'll post some pics as I get further along.

    Dolphins idea:

    Bills idea:

    New Anfield Liverpool FC idea. Don't have the roof started yet:

    All the other ideas I've been seeing have been pretty cool. Keep them coming!

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    I actually like to draw up ballpark ideas. I know you use Google Sketchup, but how hard is it to use?

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    Ive hit a bit of a creative road block since my last park, so i thought i would try my hand at a real life park. I started with the Polo Grounds, but that quickly turned into a disaster, so i gave Comiskey Park a whirl, and its turning out good so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bhratbrat View Post
    I actually like to draw up ballpark ideas. I know you use Google Sketchup, but how hard is it to use?
    Its a little hard to figure out at first, but once you get the hang of it it is flat out addictive.

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    Getting further along on my Dolphins idea. Can probably tell I've been a little influenced by European football stadiums on this one.


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    cool design. it'd be interesting if the dolphins ever get a new stadium (JRS is nearing 30 years old....).

    but what of the giant video boards?

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    Well i finally finished it. im pretty pleased with how it came out.
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    Pelt and soxfan have unleashed the whoopass.

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    All I can say is...WOW!
    Baseball. The official sport of god.

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    You guys did great! I love looking back at the old stadiums and see the old school beer and cig. ads on the walls lol such a different time. Anything planned for the future guys?
    The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But baseball has marked the time.

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    Time to dig this thread out again, I finished my latest park. Its an Athletics idea for when they move to San Jose. Its a bit cookie cutter-ish, but thats ok. Let me know what you all think.
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    With baseball season about to start, here is the start of my modernized angel stadium plan. First of the old football outfield seating and the rock pile are gone and the dugout suites, and dimond club have been changed. Also most of the club level concorse has been reopened up and all of the 200 level concorse has been reopened. Going back to its roots.
    Modernized Angel Stadium 4.jpgModernized Angel Stadium 3.jpgModernized Angel Stadium 2.jpgModernized Angel Stadium 1.jpg

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    screen shot 3.jpgscreen shot 2.jpgscreen shot 1.jpgHere are some screen shots from the latest idea I have been working on for the Rays. Most people have recommended this location. Due to the site I've had to tighten up the deck structure. The small field level has private suites at the back end. A smaller second deck transitions into the bleachers. The 3rd deck is small as well from 1st to 3rd but then extends back into the area that the suite level above it occupies the space on the infield. This is all topped by the 4th deck. The back of the upper deck is 106' from the field level. The bullpens are tucked under the 2nd deck in the foul territory in the corners. The field dimensions are 335' down the left and right field lines, 375' to the power alleys and 405' to dead center. 8' high walls from foul pole to foul pole.

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    Thanks for sharing StLFan. Keep us updated. Looks like you are looking to keep the batter facing directly east. You could get away with rotating it clockwse a few degress to put the facade behind home plate right in the intersection of the propery in the northwest corner. But you're taking risks with sun exposure at that point. I like the brainstorm!

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    Thank you for the advice. I'll turn the design per your suggestions and tweak things a bit. I'll post my updates.

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