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Thread: Please help me find anything relevant!

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    Exclamation Please help me find anything relevant!

    I am trying to find anything that names my grandfather as a player for the Boston Braves. I do not have much info to go on. His name was Maurice Proulx and I know he was an alternate pitcher for two consecutive seasons. My grandmother thinks he played in the late 1940's but is not certain. I looked at every roster list for the Boston Braves on the baseball-almanac website and found nothing. Anyone have any other suggestions? I'm trying to piece together collectibles as well as anything reffering to my grandfather for my father's birthday. Any helpful ideas are appreciated. Thank you!

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    Are you sure he made it past spring training? I checked Total Baseball, which lists everyone who played in the big leagues, and he wasn't listed. You may want to contact the Boston Braves Historical Society and ask if anyone there ever heard of him.

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    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I can tell you most certainly that your grandfather never played Major League baseball (at least under his real name). I was, however, able to locate data for four minor league players each with that last name. There was a Ben, a Bob, and two Pat Proulxs that played in the minors.


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