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Thread: Discussion on Wood Bats

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    Early in his career he did order six C271's to try out. I don't know if he ever made a plate appearance with them though.
    Jeter is a strong believer in the Indian over the arrow.
    I am at the LS museum right now. No DJ2's for sale yet? I saw a University of Arizona 2012 CWS bat through a window. Is there anywhere to get one of those still?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ras-tbone View Post
    hey Dude, post some shots of the sticks your parting with and i might get on a couple. i like 35/36" when they are knobless models.
    Quote Originally Posted by Blue24 View Post
    Agreed. Post up some pics. I would be interested in some 34's depending on models.
    Hey guys, I appreciate the interest but thought it probably wouldn't be appropriate to explicitly market my wares on this forum.
    I will pop you PMs when I get the eBay auctions up in case you might be interested.

    Speaking of eBay, I picked up an old Killebrew LS store bat there for fun...Killer was a favorite of mine despite the fact that I was still a little boy when he retired. My dad wasn't much of a baseball fan, but I do remember him calling me over the TV when Killebrew was up against the White Sox and saying, "You gotta watch this guy hit!" The bat is showing some separation in the barrel, but I wasn't planning to hit any balls with it, anyway.
    I thought it was interesting that the knob was marked "KK3" is a 33" bat, and I have noticed that are Mantle store bats marked MM3 or MM4 where I assume MM=Mickey Mantle. Does the KK=Killer Killebrew? Killer is such a funny nickname given that Harmon was a genuinely nice and mild-mannered guy, but he sure did kill a lot of baseballs...
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