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Thread: Discussion on Wood Bats

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    Very interesting! Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ras-tbone View Post
    geez brian, have you been made redundant? i hope it is not so.
    on another blue note (^_^) the custom bat program is pretty sparse in its choices when considering Max and old hick and at $169 + tax and shipping, i wouldn't be surprised if there are more inside the park HR's this year than orders for those. that is absurdly overpriced! i got the granderson prime M110 in maple 3 yrs ago for $ 90! now it is double to my doorstep?
    reminds me of when snap-on tools bought a great co. named Amer. Kowa Seiki. instantly went 2x up in price! am i the only one counting my spare change at the end of every month? LOL---Not♿️

    Hows everyone doing? Could not open the link. Checked out the custom LS site.. Wow, but perfectly okay. Ras, what's going on??


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    Quote Originally Posted by PhilliesPhan22 View Post
    Agreed! The new LS center brand is hideous. It wreaks of cheapness.
    Its recognizable now. Your feelings have some merit. But consider what they are paying in certification and the recouping of that. Other brands were noticeable from the camera shot behind the pitcher. Especially the clear coat with the black logos..

    My 9P bat would look pretty from the center field camera..

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    Beaver Bats

    I Have Bought Several Beaver Bats been pretty good so far

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