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Thread: Welcome to…The Garvey Approximation

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    Welcome to…The Garvey Approximation

    One of our favorite subjects for debate here at BBF is Steve Garvey. Some of us see him as one of the very best players the HOF could elect. Others don’t see him as being among the top 100 candidates for the Hall.

    If Garvey were elected to the HOF he would not be the worst player there. Of course, that’s a weak argument for advocating for a player’s election; the aim should always be towards electing the best candidates to the Hall. This just puts him in the Gray Area along with hundreds of others.

    Is Garvey among the best candidates? Where does Garvey fall in the pecking order for the Hall? Is he one of the top ten candidates? Top twenty? Top hundred?

    An objective answer to this question is impossible. The best we can do is approximate an answer. That is what this project intends to do.

    My approach towards an answer will be a series of polls, pitting Garvey against another HOF candidate. The question will be two-parted: 1) Who is better? and 2) Are they close? In other words, Which of these players deserves to be in the Hall first and Was it a tough call?

    We’ll only consider candidates who, like Garvey, have been rejected by the BBWAA voters. Initially, we’ll focus on modern candidates, stars from the 1940’s through the 1980’s.

    Please set aside any sentiments to “honor the living”. We want to know which player was better, more deserving to wear the mantle of greatness which the hall confers to its members. Ultimately, we want to get a better handle on where Garvey falls in the pecking order for Hall of Fame election.

    The first poll will be up soon. Welcome to…The Garvey Approximation.

    I: Ted Simmons

    II: Thurman Munson
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    Seeing the title, I wondered if this was going to be like "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon".
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