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Thread: Would Hill's injury have opened up spot in starting rotation for Harden at WC?

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    Would Hill's injury have opened up spot in starting rotation for Harden at WC?

    Obviously if all Canadian pitchers had been healthy for the World Baseball Classic this year the starting rotation would have been Francis, Bedard, and Shawn Hill. However Shawn Hill had to miss this years Classic due to an injury. That would open up a spot in the rotation for somebody else, so if Harden had been healthy and able to play himself, would it have have been him getting that 3rd and final spot in the starting rotation, or would it have gone to Adam Loewen?

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    Good question... IMO, it's tough to see Harden risking injury doing WBC. I can see him throwing a few innings here and there, but not spending too much time and effort. Although if he did start, that's a pretty decent rotation, eh?
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    Yeah a Francis, Bedard, Harden rotation would have been very strong. Next time will be intersting since you will have 5 guys by then probably-Francis, Hill, Bedard, Harden, and Loewen fighting for spots in the 3-man starting rotation for Canada. Hopefully even if Harden is told he is only a reliever he still is willing to go, I would like to see him play for Canada, even if he never gets to be part of the rotation.


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