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Thread: .500 season?

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    .500 season?

    Do you think that this is what we can expect this season? A team that will hover around the .500 mark for the season? It look like that there are a number of areas that need some fixing (bullpen, sporadic offense, up and down starers, etc). Too much too fix all at once? What do you guys foresee for the rest of the season? Thanks for your input.

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    We just need some consistency and a good hot stretch. We have a lot of youngsters who we are really counting on. Many of them not named McCann have struggled early on. If they get hot finally that would help a lot. Plus John Schuerholz is not just going to sit by and let this team plummet to a .500 season without doing all he can to get players in here to try to give this year's team the best possible chance of winning it all. I think we'll see some call-ups from the minors to try to improve the team. Phil Stockman, Will Startup and Chuck James might fit that category for pitching help and Scott Thorman is a bat waiting to be used in Atlanta. And I'm sure we'll see a trade or two if things keep going as bad as they are now. But it takes 2 to trade and to give us the big pitching pieces we need, teams will probably have to first decide they're out of it this year. So it may take a while for the best deal to come along. JS is a master of patience and making good deals for the organization. I still keep hoping for the Twins to fall out of it and trade us Joe Nathan. But when it is all said and done I think this team would have majorly underachieved to only finish at .500 and I don't expect it to happen. Maybe this is the year we'll get hot late and that will finally carry over to October. But we need to get going soon or too many teams will get ahead of us in the division and in the wild card.
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    Ya know, we were at 6 games under last year later in the season, and everybody was talking about the Braves losing their streak. This year is like the same, except I think its the Met's year. We can't get to greedy and be mad if they can't pull it off this year. I mean we've had 14 straight. Some teams haven't even had one in the past 30 years.
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