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Thread: Female Players?

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    Female Players?

    I was just wondering....since baseball pretty much everywhere -- games, leagues, online on boards, in forums, and chat rooms-- is still dominated by the many females are on these boards?

    Not sure where else to ask this as they don't have a "real" general discussion board.

    I know some don't like to admit it, but you can always PM me if you don't want to "go public" yet (or ever). Heck, I didn't want to admit I was female when I first got here...but after posting in this particular forum, I knew it wasn't going to be long before I'd "have" to tell.

    Why is it, especially in this day and age, that some people still can't understand that women can play and would make valuable contributions to the game in more ways than just doing "behind the scenes" stuff?

    A lot of females can throw, hit and generally play their positions just as well as..and sometimes better than...they can answer phones, take memos and replenish office supplies!

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    There are two female moderators here, DODGER DEB, in the Brooklyn forum, and VTSoxFan, in the Boston forum. Curious Boston is also a Red Sox fan, and Chelle is an Oriole fan. On occasion, baseballwise will pop in. She's a fomrer moderator of the Cubs forum and a published author on how to make it professionally in baseball. And, of course, there's Jeeping Baseball.
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    Thumbs up Welcome!

    Females here can let it be known they are females, we are treated with respect. This is the only board I post on, the combination of "real" fans, knowledge, and respect.

    Sometimes the "Can women play baseball threads?", or the infamous "Does the female massage therapist belong in the dugout?" can be a little overheated, or interesting, depending upon mood and supply of dark chocolate.

    If you have any problems, let the moderators of that forum know.

    Is it okay if I ask who your favorite team is?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CuriousBoston
    Is it okay if I ask who your favorite team is?
    Same as yours. I think I came out screaming "GO RED SOX!" Much to my father's dismay...he's a Yankees fan. LOL It really stinks for me, since I'm in Toledo, OH. The only Red Sox stuff around here is usually hats, and I don't wear hats that much. T-shirts are usually Yankees, Mets, Cubs, White Sox, Indians, Reds, and of course, Tigers (I'm located about 5 minutes away from the MI/OH line). Luckily I've found some great sites with Red Sox merchandise. One whole wall of my den is covered in Red Sox signs ("Red Sox Fan Only" parking sign, a Red Sox license plate, etc.)...and my walls are dark husband wouldn't let me do two walls red and two walls I figured red and blue make purple so....purple it was. LOL

    I do plan, once the baby is old enough to remember, to take the whole family to Boston to see a game AT Fenway...but for now, I settle for a yearly outing to the local (Mud Hens) Minor League game when they play Pawtucket. The kids and I all have matching "Property of Red Sox Baseball" shirts we wear to the games....and it's fun to embarass daddy when the group of us get going (son - 10, daughter 7, daughter - 5, daughter - 3, and daughter - 21 months)...we all get into rooting Pawtucket, and even the baby is learning how to say "Boston". Hubby keeps saying "You're supposed to root for the HOME team. Don't you listen to the song?" LOL

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    I am a proud female who plays baseball. I love every minute of it

    Welcome to the forum

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    I will speak for my wife. She is a bigger current fan of baseball than I am, and that is not saying I am not a fan. She is just even more. She follows six or seven players religiously, all former members of the Nashville Sounds, whom were clients of her (hairstyling) when they played here. She joked for years about how she would like to kidnap Tim Lincecum and give him a GI Haircut (what she does to me if I want to stay in our house).

    My sweetie is the perfect blend for a guy like me--a former beauty contestant winner, and a real athlete who throws like "a guy."

    IMHO, tomboys, especially when they look like Julie Newmar's younger sister, make the best wives and best moms.

    There were no organized sandlot teams where we grew up, but I believe as kids we played many more hours of baseball than today's organized leagues play. My wife, who was already my girlfriend at the age of 9, played in our games with three or four other girls. It was the only way to have 18 players.

    I am rooting hard for Chelsea Baker, as I routed for Eri Yoshida. Some of us have daughter-athletes and some of us may have granddaughter-athletes. We hope they get a fair chance if they are worthy. One of my granddaughters is the starting QB on a youth team, and her mom (my daughter) was an all-state basketball player and division 1 college starter her junior and senior years.


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