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Thread: I need some help....

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    I need some help....

    ...Each new season for the past few seasons I have collected as many Minor League Team sets as I could from each team from AAA to A. It is something that my son and I really look forward to, not for finding a player that may be a future star and make a card worth alot of money, in fact I have never sold and never intend to sell my cards, but just for the enjoyment of having cards of as many players in a system as we can.
    ....Well, I left a good paying job because I decided to go back to school and become a teacher, that required me to do a 16 week full time student teaching experience that did not involve being paid. In order to do that I quit my job. Since then I have graduated school and have been trying to find a teaching job starting this fall. In the meantime I have been working low paying jobs to make ends meet.
    ....My request for help involves anyone who may be able to obtain an extra team set, especially if they live in a town with a minor league team and can get a set without paying shipping, and would be willing to make a donation to our minor league collection. If a set has a big future star that you think might be worth alot then go ahead and pull it and keep it, I'm mainly interested in the "common" cards anyway.
    If anyone has a large number of sets that they would want to trade, I have a Lance Berkman, Casey Kotchman, and Doug Drabek autographed cards that I got in packs of Topps cards that I bought. I would trade them for some team sets.
    Any thoughts, ideas, trade offers, etc would be appreciated, you can reach me by pm and let me know.

    Thanks and have a great day.
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