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Thread: What Are You Reading Right Now?

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    Just started the bio from umpire Doug Harvey, entitled "They Called Me God". This bio will likely provide a unique take on historical developments over the 1960s-1990s. Anyway, that is the main reason I'm reading it.
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    I've enjoyed a lot of ump memoirs, but that one I wasn't impressed by because frankly Harvey came off as more than a bit egocentric in it.

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    I finished Bruce Weber's Inside Baseball 1990. He predicted Bert Blyleven would win 300 games by the time he was 40 in that book ... obviously it didn't happen.

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    An American Journey by Jerry Coleman. Classy book by a classy guy. No cussin', no badmouthing anybody, just a good, clean straightforward story.
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    I just finished Baseball Quotations by Helen Exley. This is one of those dinky little pocket books you pick up at a grocery store when you forgot someone's birthday and need a quick gift. It took 10 minutes to read. I can't believe someone would spend $8 on it.

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