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Thread: What Are You Reading Right Now?

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    Just started the bio from umpire Doug Harvey, entitled "They Called Me God". This bio will likely provide a unique take on historical developments over the 1960s-1990s. Anyway, that is the main reason I'm reading it.
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    I've enjoyed a lot of ump memoirs, but that one I wasn't impressed by because frankly Harvey came off as more than a bit egocentric in it.

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    I finished Bruce Weber's Inside Baseball 1990. He predicted Bert Blyleven would win 300 games by the time he was 40 in that book ... obviously it didn't happen.

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    An American Journey by Jerry Coleman. Classy book by a classy guy. No cussin', no badmouthing anybody, just a good, clean straightforward story.
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    I just finished Baseball Quotations by Helen Exley. This is one of those dinky little pocket books you pick up at a grocery store when you forgot someone's birthday and need a quick gift. It took 10 minutes to read. I can't believe someone would spend $8 on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by egri View Post
    Just finished the Summer of '49. As a Red Sox fan the ending was hard, but it's a book I'd definitely recommend. Next up: October 1964.
    You can't go wrong with Halberstam--no matter what topic he tackles, he absolutely nails it. I just read Summer of '49 (for the third time in my life), and I can tell you that 1964 is even better!
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    I'm currently reading Faith and Fear in Flushing by Greg Prince. It's a good book.

    On October 6, 2013, I posted that I was reading We Played the Game by Danny Peary. I'm still reading it. 250 pages in, 400 or so to go. I keep putting it down and picking up shorter, easier reads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by epaddon View Post
    I've enjoyed a lot of ump memoirs, but that one I wasn't impressed by because frankly Harvey came off as more than a bit egocentric in it.
    That'll happen when they call you God.
    "Look at it, man", he said as if he had read my thoughts. "they call it America, and they call it civilization, and they call it television, and they believe in it and salute it and sing songs to it and eat and sleep and die still believing in it, and---and---I don't know", he said, taking another drag, "then some time the Mets come along and win the World Series___" Gram Parsons, quoted by Stanley Booth in Dance With The Devil

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    Anybody read "Long Shot" by Mike Piazza? Hate to start a thread to ask that question, and the search engine didn't help me out.
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    I'm presently on Sports Heroes: Baseball by Mark Littleton, another short one that details the careers and faith in Christ of numerous well-known Christian ballplayers.

    After that, I'm going to read Summer of '49 by David Halberstam.

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    I'm finally getting around to reading Jules Tygiel's Baseball'season Great Experiment: Jackie Robinson and His Legacy.
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    "Whatever Happened to The Hall Of Fame - Or The Politics Of Glory" by Bill James. I find it a great study of the Hall Of Fame selection process. This book was written in 1994, and published in 1995. It concludes with Phil Rizzuto's Veterans Committee election of '94, but doesn't include Richie Ashburn's election by that committee early in 1995. He gives his opinion in decade by decade style of his evaluation of the HOFs choices and lists the best available candidates at each positon, including 19th Century players.
    The question I have is why James has never revisited this subject in the intervening 20 years with a book solely devoted to studying who's in the HOF, who's out, and who's out, but deserves to be in? At the very least it would be nice if he revised and expanded the original book, taking into account the latest electees and reviewing changes in both the Writers and the veterans committee election processes.

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