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Thread: PRS and PRS%

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    PRS and PRS%

    I realized my formula was a bit flawed so I'm going to rethink it and make some changes before reposting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by winningtheweapon
    I was brooding over the LOB stat the other day, and I was trying to think of a way to take that stat, and turn it into a more ponderable offensive stat. So combining my own and external inspiration I fused all of the fragments together to introduce this new statistic called PRS (Potential Runs Scored). It's a pretty coherent statistic as it's derived from LOB and Ari Kaplan's PERA (Potential ERA) statistic. So heres how PRS is calculated.

    PRS= (Runs Scored) + (Team LOB)

    So as you can see this statistic is a much more ponderable way of assessing offensive efficiency.


    If you want this statistic in a percentile then do the following: (Runs Scored) / (PRS)

    I'll be calculating team's PRS' and PRS% in the near future, but as of now I'm going to guess the league average is around 60-65%. If you guys have any critiques that you would like to express about this statistic then feel free to post a comment.
    Not a critique, but as a Red Sox fan I've been brooding a lot over runners left on base recently too, and it occurred to me that the stat doesn't capture all the lost opportunities because it doesn't count runners erased on the basebaths. When I look at the box score, I add hits and walks (and RBE if I know of any) and subtract runs to get a raw futility score.
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    EDIT: See original post.
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