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Thread: Decision time-help

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    Decision time-help

    DD wanted to play baseball this year and was forced by our city to play softball. She had fun and was asked to play on an all-star team with some older kids in her league. She was a standout and batted second for the all stars.
    For fall, we found a neighboring town who will allow her to play baseball. That was great until the 10U softball coach asked if she would play for his competitive team (in a different neighboring town). This would be a great opportunity for her to play up and improve her game, and I know it would be fun for her too (she is almost 8). The coach is just awesome.
    I feel like her mother and I could sell her on either the baseball or the softball. She truly has a blast no matter what she does.

    Travel-wise, it would be easier if she played baseball. Her brothers will play at the same park and we could make a day of it together (a plus for her as she adores her brothers and would be on a team with one). I also feel that if she played baseball, it would make it easier to fight the board to let her play in our town next year--if she wants to.

    Again, she'll have fun either way. I'm a bit worried about not taking advantage of an opportunity when it is presented, but either way, I'm proud of her and the doors that are opening for her. At this point, I'm inclined to let her play baseball with her brother as she may not have a chance to do so in the future. I'm sure I am overanalyzing this and I realize that it really doesn't matter. She is after all, eight years old.

    I guess I'm just writing this to think thru it, but if anyone wants to share some insight, be my guest.


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    I am the Mum of 6 kids, 3 boys and 3 gilrs, all of whom have played baseball with the same club. I'd have to say that having them play at the one ground, and, on occasions, in the one team, was a godsend. The practicalities of having them in one place for training, even if thy went to different grounds on some Saturdays, played, I believe, a huge part in us staying in this game for 17 years now. (In Australia, with an extended family that were all cricket and football players, that's some achievement.)

    If your daughter is showing good enough skills to be asked to play up in softball then those same skills will stand her in very good stead in baseball. Like you said, she'll probably go where you suggest she goes, and she'll have a fantastic time no matter where she is, but for me, I'm glad we made the decision for baseball for the girls.

    Now, not that I'm suggesting it for you, but if I were the one where the city had forced a decision, I'd get a bee in my bonnet and want to change it - but that's just me.

    For what it's worth.
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    Decision Time

    I am a 18 year old female baseball player from Canada and I have been playing baseball all of my life. One year when I was little I played both softball with the girls and on a boys baseball team. I had a lot more fun playing with the guys team because it was a lot more competitive and was more fun for me to play and I also looked up to my big brother who also played. The town that I played in did not have any problems with me playing on a guys team so that was very fortunate.
    Opportunities for female baseball players have grown significantly since I started playing. In 2004, Edmonton hosted the first Women's World Cup of Baseball and I was fortunate enough to make Team Canada. Also, last year I played with Team Canada in an exhibition series down in Cuba and if I didn't hurt my knee this year I would have participated in the 2nd Womens World Series in Taipei. Anyway, this year a couple of colleges are starting up women's baseball teams and hopefully in a couple of years it will be fully funded like other NCAA sports.
    I would put her in the program where she would improve the most while having fun. Also, I would choose the one with the best coaching. I would not be where I am without some of the great coaching I have been fortunate enough to have
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    Thank you for the thoughtful replies. As it turns out, the baseball league changed their schedule and DD will be able to play BOTH. She is quite excited and we are happy for her. She will be one of the oldest in the baseball league and will be the youngest by far in the softball league. Maybe we can juggle both for another year or two and see which path she chooses.
    Thanks again!

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    I have come in very late on this one, but I would have given her the choice - within reason - and run with that. Seems all has worked out anyway!! Hope she is successful, and has a lot of fun, in both sports, and maybe the local town will eventually relent on the decision not to allow her to play baseball.
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