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Thread: Classic, Vintage Threads: Some of our best work.

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    Classic, Vintage Threads: Some of our best work.

    As a service to members/guests, here is a menu of 'Classic, Vintage Threads', so our newcomers can see some of our past work and some of our best battles.

    Fever is a state-of-the-art, cutting edge, supremely advanced course in baseball, in the deepest sense. Fever comprises probably the largest pool of knowledgeable baseball fans in the online world. We battle, opinions blaze, we cut/thrust/parry with PASSION. These and many other threads show who we are & what we can do. But on any given day, one could not ascertain our glory from a cursory glance at the offerings on a given front page of a Forum. These representative samplings showcase what we are capable of. (Simply left-click on the Thread Title.)

    Ty Cobb/Assorted Historical Topics - 2 pages of Cobb, chronicling some of the major controversies of his career & the rest comprises assorted historical topics. Non-posting thread. Pages 9-10 = TC Photo Gallery. Pages 12-13 = 35 prominent BB figures who assert TC played clean. Pages 14-16 = 75 people who were TC's friends or liked him. Page 17 = 21 assert his good fielding. Page 18 = 15 assert his good managing.
    Ty Cobb Discussion

    Meet The Sports Writers: Photo Gallery of over 1,150 of the prominent writers of the game. Also included a sampling of managing editors, city editors, publishers. Non-chat thread.
    Meet The Announcers: Profiles of some prominent announcers. Both baseball and general sports. Around 120 announcers.

    Babe Ruth: Exchange thoughts with world-class Babe experts! Great facts/photo archive. You won't find this stuff on google!
    Babe Ruth Discussion: Babe Ruth, 24/7 all the time. Discuss Babe to your heart's content. Stories galore.
    Rare Babe Ruth Photos
    Bill's Babe Ruth Photos

    Who Are We? Welcoming Thread. Create your own mini-bio. Tell us who you are, and how you got hooked on baseball. Around 275 members already have. Non-chat thread.

    Historical, Archival Photographs
    19th Century Historical, Photographic Archive
    Negro Leagues' Historic Photographic Archive

    Member's Official Opinions: What are your most important baseball opinions? Non-chat thread.
    Member's Official Opinions Discussion Thread: All of your discussion of another's official opinions can be addressed here.

    Historical Articles: Some fascinating, arcane articles. Non-chat thread.

    The Cobb Consensus---Over 300 prominent baseball figures express their opinions that Cobb was the greatest player ever. As a bonus, I have also included 39 prominent baseball figures who believed that Babe Ruth was the greatest ever. And 36 baseball figures who believed that Honus Wagner was the greatest ever. More than just another listing. A concentrated course in early baseball history!

    Some wonderful photo threads---Vintage Panoramic Pictures---Members' Photo Gallery---Rare Ty Cobb photos---Bill's Rare Photos---George's Rare Photos--- ---Babefan's Fantastic Vintage Baseball photos---1928-32 Philadelphia Athletics---1926-28 New York Yankees---1902-07 Philadelphia A's---1909-14 Philadelphia A's---1906-12 Chicago Cubs---New York Giants---Yankee Stadium---New York Yankees' Team Photo Collection---Pittsburgh Pirates---West Side Grounds---Detroit Tigers---Bill's Ty Cobb Photos

    We further have tribute threads to the following great players, most with cool surveys/polls to document your opinions! Many with some cool photos, too! Don't forget to register your votes! In alphabetical order:
    Hank Aaron---Pete Alexander---Dick Allen---Walt Alston---Sparky Anderson---Buzz Arlett---Carlos Beltran---Johnny Bench---Craig Biggio---Wade Boggs---Barry Bonds---George Brett---Lou Brock---Mordecai Brown---Rod Carew---Hal Chase---Roger Clemens---Roberto Clemente---Eddie Collins---Stan Coveleskie---Sam Crawford---Dizzy Dean---Bill Dickey---Joe DiMaggio---Dom DiMaggio---Leo Durocher---Jimmie Dykes---Johnny Evers---Buck Ewing---Bob Feller---Frankie Frisch---Wes Ferrell---Jimmie Foxx---Lou Gehrig---Charlie Gehringer---Tom Glavine---Lefty Gomez---Dwight Gooden---George Gore---Hank Greenberg---Ken Griffey, Jr.---Lefty Grove---Pedro Guerrero---Vladimir Guerrero---Ned Hanlon---Bucky Harris---Rickey Henderson---Rogers Hornsby---Carl Hubbell---Harry Heilmann---Miller Huggins---Ichiro Susuki---Joe Jackson---Reggie Jackson---Hughie Jennings---Derek Jeter---Ban Johnson---Walter Johnson---Addie Joss---Al Kaline---Mike 'King' Kelly---Jeff Kent---Chuck Klein---Nap Lajoie---Judge Landis---Bill Lange---Bob Lemon---Herman Long---Al Lopez---Ted Lyons---Connie Mack---Larry MacPhail---Greg Maddux---Mickey Mantle---Juan Marichal---Pedro Martinez---Christy Mathewson---Gene Mauch---Joe Mauer---Willie Mays---John McGraw---Bill McKechnie---Johnny Mize---Paul Molitor---Joe Morgan---Morgan/Hornsby Debate---Morganites Unite!---Stan Musial---Hal Newhouser---Lefty O'Doul---Walter O'Malley---Mel Ott---Satchel Paige---Jim Palmer---Kirby Puckett---Eddie Plank---Albert Pujols---Harry Pulliam---A-Rod/Mike Schmidt---Branch Rickey---Cal Ripken---Robin Roberts---Scott Rolan---Pete Rose---Edd Roush---Jake Ruppert---Jimmy Ryan---Nolan Ryan---Ron Santo---Mike Schmidt---Herb Score---Tom Seaver---Al Simmons---George Sisler---Duke Snider---Warren Spahn---Tris Speaker---Billy Southworth---Casey Stengel---Horace Stoneham---Bill Terry---Frank Thomas---Pie Traynor---Rube Waddell ---Honus Wagner---Earl Weaver---Zack Wheat---Billy Williams---Cy Williams---Ted Williams---Hack Wilson---Joe Wood

    Some extremely, worth-while, solid Discussions: Sabremetrics/Traditional Opinions: Poll/Survey:---Bill James/Historical Opinion: Poll/Survey:---Reserve Clause/Bargaining: Poll/Survey:---Attendance/Popularity: Poll/Survey:--- The 1920's: A Sport In Transition Searching For Its Identity---Harry Pulliam's Stressors---Values in Ranking Players:---Yankee Stadium Construction, Harry Frazee, Secret Vault:---Historical, Archival Photographs Discussion: Poll/Survey:--- Executives---Federal League---Most Committed Opinions---Joe Jackson's Innocence---Ted Williams' Shift---All-Time All-Star Teams, A & B:---Defensive All-Time All-Star Teams, A & B:--- Best Defensive Fielders, by position---The History of Jews in Baseball---Warren Spahn/Walter Johnson Debate ---The Sporting News---Baseball Magazine---The Sporting Life---Baseball Digest---Historical Salaries---Pitcher/Hitter Matchups---Baseball players' graves---Your Extreme Positions---Why were the Yankees baseball's most important team?---Baseball Integration---The Leonard/Cobb/Speaker Affair---Were the New York Yankees Slow to Integrate?---If the Athletics Stayed in Kansas City---Baseball's Most Important Publications---Is 1950's baseball overrated?---How Good Was Rose?: Poll/Survey:---Best Thing that Could Happen! Worst Thing?---Home/Away Breakdowns Splits: How Relevant Are They? Poll/Survey:---Did Arnold Rothstein Bankroll the Black Sox Scandal?---Greatest General Managers of All Time---The 4 Kings---Fastest Fastball---Realignment, Contraction and Expansion: Poll/survey

    Videos of Some of Our Favorite Stars:
    OleMissCubs' videos

    Hall of Famers Hitter/Pitcher Comparisons: Post-1957

    Albright's Musings: Jim Albright's epic reference resource. If it ain't in here, maybe it doesn't exist! Almost like the Yellow Pages!

    Book Project: An attempt to list as many books as possible on Ruth, Cobb, McGraw, Mack, DiMaggio, Mantle, Gehrig, Stengel, B.Rickey, J.Robinson, T.Williams. As well as a lot of others!
    Book Reviews Do you have any?
    Who Has the Largest Baseball Library at Home?
    Bill's Research Needs

    3rd Round of Greatest Position Players - April 14, 2007 - June 12, 2007 - conducted by Bill Burgess (USAF1 conducted the 2B poll)
    Catchers---1Base--- 2Base---3Base---SS---LF---CF---RF---Top 10 Managers

    Hear the Voices of the First Hall of Fame Inductees! We hear, in order: William G. Bramham (Cooperstown's Mayor), John H. Heydler (Pres. NL), Judge Landis, Ford Frick, Connie Mack, Honus Wagner, Tris Speaker, Nap Lajoie, Cy Young, Walter Johnson, George Sisler, Eddie Collins, Pete Alexander, Babe Ruth. The tape is 30 minutes long, and the players begin around 15 minutes into the tape, in case you want to fast forward to them.

    A sampling of some of our more interesting poll/surveys. All polls are still OPEN, and we welcome your votes!---Greatest Player Poll---Cold Case File Poll---Fever's Top 5 Hitters---Cobb/Hornsby: Hitting ONLY---Which Players Do You Call 'Great'? Part 1---Which Players Do You Call 'Great'? Part 2---How many of the following players SHOULD get into the Hall of Fame?---Wagner/Mays---Cobb/Wagner---Cobb/Mays---Wagner/Greenberg: As Sluggers---Value Comparison---True Sluggers---Was Reggie Jackson a Great Player?---Pete Rose/Reggie Jackson---Clash of the Titans Comparison Thread---Magical Players---Joe Jackson Innocence Poll---Who Never Merited Induction Into the Hall of Fame in the first place?---Should the Hall of Fame post the photos of the H of F inductees online?---Hornsby/Gehrig---Honus Wagner Poll---Multi-Subject Rank The Greatest---As Hitters: Hornsby/Gehrig---Top Left-Handed Pitchers---Greatest Pre-30 Hitter---Greatest Pre-30 Pitcher---Greatest Post-30 Hitter---Greatest Post-30 Pitcher---Greatest Owner Baseball Ever Had---Is Spahn Still a Top 10 Pitcher?---Was Pedro Martinez a Top 10 Pitcher?---Measuring Fan Sentiment---Websites We Find the Most Useful---How Old-School Are You?---Your Toughest Comparison---Gehrig vs. Sisler---Peak vs. Career: Full career vs. short career---Is Rogers Hornsby still the finest RH hitter ever?---Your Top 10 Pitchers---Who Are your Top 10 Greatest LH Hitters?
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