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Thread: NFL Players drafted by MLB

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    NFL Players drafted by MLB

    Any additions?

    Bill Bradley Detroit Tigers 1965
    Mike Garrett Pittsburgh Pirates 1965
    Mike Garrett Los Angeles Dodgers 1966
    Ken Stabler New York Yankees 1966
    Ken Stabler New York Mets 1967
    Archie Manning Atlanta Braves 1967
    Dan Pastorini New York Mets 1967
    Ken Stabler Houston Astros 1968
    Noel Jenke Boston Red Sox 1969
    Jenke was also drafted by the NHL Chicago Black Hawks in 1969
    Johnny Rogers Los Angeles Dodgers 1969
    Ray Guy Cincinnati Reds 1969
    Archie Manning Chicago White Sox 1970
    Anthony Davis Baltimore Orioles 1971
    Steve Bartkowski Kansas City Royals 1971
    Condredge Holloway (CFL) Montreal Expos 1971
    Archie Manning Kansas City Royals 1971
    Archie Manning Chicago White Sox 1971
    Ray Guy Houston Astros 1971
    Joe Theismann Minnesota Twins 1971
    Ray Guy Atlanta Braves 1972
    Dave Logan Cincinnati Reds 1972
    Logan was also drafted by the NBA Kansas City Kings in 1976
    Danny White Cleveland Indians 1973
    Ray Guy Cincinnati Reds 1973
    Danny White Cleveland Indians 1974
    Danny White Houston Astros 1974
    Anthony Davis Baltimore Orioles 1974
    Steve Bartkowski Baltimore Orioles 1974
    Danny White Cleveland Indians 1975
    Anthony Davis Minnesota Twins 1975
    Condredge Holloway (CFL) Atlanta Braves 1975
    Condredge Holloway (CFL) Atlanta Braves 1976
    Jay Schroeder Toronto Blue Jays 1979
    Dan Marino Kansas City Royals 1979
    John Elway Kansas City Royals 1979
    Turner Gill Chicago White Sox 1980
    Bubby Brister Detroit Tigers 1981
    John Elway New York Yankees 1981
    Jack Del Rio Toronto Blue Jays 1981
    Turner Gill New York Yankees 1983
    Rodney Peete Toronto Blue Jays 1984
    Deion Sanders Kansas City Royals 1985
    Brian Jordan Cleveland Indians 1985
    Greg McMurtry Boston Red Sox 1986
    Brian Jordan St. Louis Cardinals 1988
    Rodney Peete Oakland As 1988
    Deion Sanders New York Yankees 1988
    Rodney Peete Oakland As 1989
    John Jackson California Angels 1889
    John Jackson San Francisco Giants 1990
    Greg McMurtry Detroit Tigers 1990
    Rodney Peete Detroit Tigers 1990
    Chris Weinke Toronto Blue Jays 1990
    Kerry Collins Detroit Tigers 1990
    Rob Johnson Minnesota Twins 1991
    Kerry Collins Detroit Tigers 1991
    Mark Brunell Atlanta Braves 1992
    Terrell Buckley Atlanta Braves 1992
    Lawyer Milloy Cleveland Indians 1992
    John Lynch Florida Marlins 1992
    Akili Smith Pittsburgh Pirates 1993
    Josh Booty Florida Marlins 1994
    Kerry Collins Toronto Blue Jays 1994
    Duante Culpepper New York Yankees 1995
    Lawyer Milloy Detroit Tigers 1995
    Tom Brady Montreal Expos 1995
    Ricky Williams Philadelphia Phillies 1995
    Chad Hutchinson Atlanta Braves 1995
    Isaac Byrd St. Louis Cardinals 1996
    Quincy Carter Chicago Cubs 1996
    Doug Johnson Tampa Bay Devil Rays 1996
    Kay-Jay Harris Texas Rangers 1997
    Antwaan Randle-El Chicago Cubs 1997
    Marques Tuiasosopo Minnesota Twins 1997
    Vernand Morency Colorado Rockies 1998
    Chad Hutchinson St. Louis Cardinals 1998
    Drew Henson New York Yankees 1998
    Michael Vick Colorado Rockies 2000
    Ronnie Brown Seattle Mariners 2000
    Roydell Williams Cincinnati Reds 2000
    Mewelde Moore San Diego Padres 2000
    Cedric Benson Los Angeles Dodgers 2001

    Some others have been reputed to be offered contracts:

    Lance Alworth New York Yankees
    Lance Alworth Pittsburgh Pirates
    Hopalong Cassady New York Yankees
    Gary Collins Philadelphia Phillies
    Junior Davis Brooklyn Dodgers $75,000
    Tad Jones New York Giants $5,000
    Johnny Lujack Pittsburgh Pirates
    Joe Namath St. Louis Cardinals $15,000
    Joe Namath Kansas City As
    Joe Namath Baltimore Orioles
    Joe Namath Chicago Cubs $50,000
    Bob Neyland Philadelphia Athletics
    Bob Neyland New York Giants
    Ray Nitschke St. Louis Browns
    Amos Alonzo Stagg New York Giants
    Charley Trippi New York Yankees

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    Steve McNair 1991
    Hines Ward 1994
    Brian Brohm 2004
    Matt Cassel 2004
    Pat White 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009
    Isaiah Stanback 2006
    Dennis Dixon 2007
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    Pat White was drafted 4 different times by three different baseball teams before getting drafted by the Dolphins last year

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    Evar Swanson played professional football for the Chicago Cardinals in 1927. Then played for the Cincinnati Reds and Chicago White Sox from 1929-1934.

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    Andre King, Braves 1993
    Corey Dillon, Padres 1993


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